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How to Choose Your Wedding Day Music

How to Choose Your Wedding Day Music

It is important to ensure that you get your music right as it will make the build-up to your walk down the aisle to be tremendous because, for all brides, their wedding kicks off the instant they step down the aisle. Your wedding music is usually your individual pick, and therefore you have to choose songs that you like. So how do you select your wedding day music? For you to be able to select the perfect music to be played on your special day, you have to consider several things. One of them is setting the right mood.

This has to be the first thing you consider when coming up with a playlist for your wedding day. This means that you have to choose songs that will capture the atmosphere and emotions of your wedding. You can even opt to have instrumentals playing as long as they are able to complement all those wonderful things you will be experiencing as you walk down the aisle. The next step is to decide how your tunes will be played. Are you going to employ a DJ or are you going to have a wedding band? Or even both?

You can even choose to have other musicians such as a pianist and a harpist play in your wedding as long as the tunes that they will play convey the perfect emotions. Whichever music you decide to go with, it is good to ensure that it will be complacent and convenient for your gallery. The pace should be leisurely and soothing, and it should not be too loud. Playing sedative music will give you a natural tempo as you walk down the aisle and help the groom to feel composed and at peace. It is also recommended that before you settle on the type of music to play on your big day, you consider the type of your wedding ceremony.

This means choosing the songs that are suitable for everybody's individual taste, the venue and the type of ceremony you will have. For example, if you choose to have a religious wedding, make sure the lyrics fit in and if you choose to have a civil wedding, avoid playing tunes with excessive religious lyrics. Consider the music which will be played as you make your exit as newlyweds. Ensure you choose the right song as it will be a song that will remind you of the first walk you made as a married couple.

When selecting your cocktail hour music, be careful to select the music that will definitely get your guests excited and tapping but wild enough to send them off to the dance floor. For this part, try mixing lyrical, instrumental, and blues, and if you can afford it, you can have a live performance. Whichever music you choose, ensure it provides an ecstatic, nice, exquisite background for your wedding to help you appreciate those beautiful and unique moments of happiness that you will remember for the rest of your life.