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How to Create a Vision Board for Your Wedding

How to Create a Vision Board for Your Wedding

If your idea or vision for your wedding is all over the place, you may need a vision board to organize your thoughts in a visual range. A vision board helps to bring the matrimony ceremony to life right before the wedding happens. A vision board is merely a notice board with photos of the details of what you describe as the perfect wedding. Although you may have many things to create an ideal wedding event, there is a way to create an ultimate vision board.

Here is the answer, you can make many vision boards for several things or section out your vision board for different aspects of the wedding event. You begin by collecting as many images as you can that depict the type of nuptials you want.

The next step is to decide on your wedding priorities. Put in mind what you need the most; probably a picture you have always wanted since you were little or a hobby you enjoy. Discuss the most important aspects of the wedding with your partner, so you ensure that you still have the big picture in your mind as you set the vision board up.

The wedding season is of great importance to your vision board since it gives your vision board a feel of the day. A wedding in the fall is very different from a wedding during the summer. For instance, a wedding in the summer would require a bright theme with bright colors and natural textures that create a beautiful and seasonal setting for your guests. The wedding venue is also an aspect to consider before your vision board. Your vision ideas should flow with the wedding location you settle on. A wedding venue is a basis for your vision board, and it complements the type of décor and general ambiance you settle on.

Then decide on the number of photos that reflect what you want in your wedding. You can edit as many times as you need to stay faithful to you and your partner’s needs. The photographs may be tangible items like postcards saved or a piece of fabric you love. Gather all of your inspiration together in the one place. Since there is such a thing as ‘too much’ inspiration and you should not be overwhelmed by too many ideas. It is very crucial to reduce the number of photos down to two or three per detail in your vision to de-clutter your vision board while still maintaining enough feature. Challenge yourself to reduce the number of pictures on the wedding vision board so that you remain with an exact vision of the wedding you want.

In conclusion, the vision board is vital to the wedding planner or your vendors when planning the wedding. Where words fall short in explaining what you need for your wedding then ‘a picture is always worth a thousand words.’  A vision board doesn’t only have to consist of photographs only. They may consist of words or quotes that most resonate with the vision of the wedding. Adjectives, for instance, can better describe the mood desired than a picture would.