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How to Create a Wedding Planning Book

How to Create a Wedding Planning Book

Wedding planning books may also be referred to as wedding plan binders. They are an essential asset in deciding the organizing your wedding; a necessary asset between the ‘yes’ during the proposal and the ‘I do.’ A wedding planning book is an old but effective method of planning. As much as wedding planning has digital, weddings generally produce a lot of paperwork. Therefore, it may be wise to augment all the digital methods of planning with a good wedding planning book.

It is critical to pick a reasonably thick binder with good dividers to make organization easy and exciting to sort out. To make your planning book arrangement successful; you have to have the tab dividers, sticky notes, colorful pens, highlighters, clear sheet covers to store contracts, pictures excreta, a calendar, wedding planning checklist. The following categories can be put as the dividers; the budget, the guests invited and their addresses, wedding party contact information. For the ceremony, the dividers should include; venue information, décor information, contracts, wedding programs, officiator information, excreta. The reception dividers include; venue information, décor, and rental information, music playlists and deejay or band information, seating arrangements, contracts. Other dividers include the attire and beauty section that provides for the bridal gown information (purchase price, shop, delivery dates and invoices), groom attire, bridal party attire, hair, and makeup artist information, contracts, accessories, the photographer, the florist and pictures of flowers you would.

The spreadsheets divider should hold your budget and vendor contact list. All your vendor contact list should have back up numbers that you can call in case of an emergency. The wedding planning books should be big enough to allow for any extra information that you need to add. You should then file any receipts to determine the amount of money spent on planning the wedding to compare the budget to the real spending.

Next, your binder should include any extra information you collect for inspiration on the wedding ceremony. This information includes the miscellaneous information and non-ceremony information such as the honeymoon plans, registry information, rehearsal dinner information, and others. The dividers can be arranged in a chronological order to ensure that no detail is left out.

You may include them under an inspiration divider or different organization dividers. After the inspiration divider, remember to leave some room for the notes taken during meetings with the vendors or the wedding planner. Remember to keep the timelines since some vendors require as early booking as half a year or more before.

In conclusion, the good news is that there are pre-made wedding binders that make the work easy. These wedding planning books are made in such a way that they accommodate even the control freak. You definitely will not find one that suits all your needs; you may need to make your system that fits all your needs. An advantage is to include all the information required in the same binder and let the maid of honor or the best man aware of the wedding planning book.