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How to Create Your Wedding Day Timeline

How to Create Your Wedding Day Timeline

When it comes to your wedding service, timing is everything and that is why a wedding chronology is very crucial. On your special day, even running a few minutes late can wreck it all up for you. When you are new to weddings, coming up with a wedding timetable can be very perplexing as you are basically filled with hysteria and excitement. So how do you create your wedding day timeline?

Before you can start shaping your wedding schedule, there are several issues you will need to look at. Ask yourself if your reception and wedding service will be held in the same locale or not. This is important as you will be required to factor in travel time in case the two celebrations will be held in separate venues. Consider if you will be getting ready for your wedding ceremony locale or at a hotel. This will also help you designate the time suitably. Ask yourself if you will be arranging transportation for your guests and other members involved in your wedding.

If you happen to be the one responsible for providing transport, it will even be better as you can make the movement to be faster and effortless than when everybody is catering for their own transport. Are you doing the first dance at your reception? How many toasts will you have? Will you be hosting an after-party? How long will your wedding ceremony be? Will your cocktail hour take place between the wedding service and the reception or before the service? All these questions are important and will determine what your timeline will look like.

After considering all the above questions, start your wedding timeline from scratch. This is because every wedding ceremony is usually different so you should never copy paste timeline of another wedding that you either attended or found on the Internet. You can use a template to help you with the general outline and for inspiration, but make sure you come up with a timeline that is unique to your situation. You should use your wedding service as a starting point. Make a list of all the events you are expecting to take place prior to and after the wedding ceremony and then determine the approximate duration of these.

After gathering all the required data, you can go ahead and start planning your wedding day agenda appropriately using wedding timeline templates, which are available on most wedding websites. You should also make an effort of conversing with your vendors to find out the time they will need for prep and setup, so you can schedule them accordingly, providing them with adequate time to finish all their tasks. It is advisable to get the opinion of experts or even to seek their help if you feel stuck. This is because wedding professionals have a good idea of how to plan out the day based on their experience and therefore, they know exactly how to conform to your vision and fit the facts of existence.