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How to Cut Down on Your Wedding Catering Costs

How to Cut Down on Your Wedding Catering Costs

In almost all weddings, catering expenses are generally huge. There are a lot of bills to be settled such as paying the stewards and kitchen individuals, paying for drinks, tableware, food, and crockery rentals among others. Since catering is an important part of the wedding service, how do you cut down on your wedding catering expenses? The first thing when looking to scale down the cost of catering is to reduce the number of guests coming to your wedding. This is indisputable as fewer people mean less food, which in turn means fewer catering expenses.

Doing away with your formal service can go a long way in lowering the catering costs for your wedding. This means doing away with stewards either by getting your colleagues or family members to serve the food or by establishing a buffet layout where the guests will get an opportunity to serve their own food. Another way of achieving this goal is by eliminating expensive meat delicacies such as halal from your menu. You can substitute them with other low-cost meat alternatives such as seitan or you can make vegetarian meals, which are economical.

Another trick is to use meat moderately, meaning that meat will only be used for the primary dish while using exquisite vegetarian appetizers to ensure that meat is not missed. Having alcohol at your reception is usually expensive, you can bring down the cost of your catering considerably if you avoid buying alcohol. This will save you a lot of money but make sure to replace the alcohol with pure versions of prominent beverages. Doing away with alcohol also ensures that you will not have to deal with overly drunk guests, which is one sure way of ruining an otherwise awesome night.

If you choose to have a buffet, avoid giving the guests a lot of options to avoid the buffet from being even more costly than a single plated dinner. Avoid using elegant china and glassware in your reception and instead, go for eco-friendly and high-quality disposables that are much reasonable. Furthermore, instead of having a huge cake, you can have a modest cake for cake cutting and photographs and set up a dessert bar of brownies, cookies, and cupcakes and your guests will welcome the diversity.

While doing all this, remember that appearance is very important as all individuals eat with their eyes even before their stomachs. So, take time and ensure that no matter how modest your menu is, it is plated just like an expert would do it. Plating perfectly will give your food, no matter how cheap, an unmistakably classy edge and encourage your guests to enjoy the food more. It is also important for you to create an independent menu for children. Count the number of children who will be in attendance and have their food done separately and this will save you some money on the real food and the children will love it.