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How to Deal with Guest Input on Your Wedding Planning

How to Deal with Guest Input on Your Wedding Planning

Nobody wants to spend their wedding day on their own. However, as much as it is a great joy to share your big day, some guests won't just quit when it comes to advising on how you should set your event. Be it overbearing parents, the future in-laws, the wedding planner merely other guests; no one should overwhelm you on how your wedding day should be. The truth is that the bride and the groom own this special day. There is no rule whatsoever stating that your family members or relatives should have a say when it comes to your guest list or plans unless you want or request for their input.

From the beginning of the wedding planning activities, you have to assert yourself. You do not have to be rude, let your words speak loud but your actions louder that you are a reasonable and dependable person. Be firm in letting them know that you know the type of wedding that you want and that you are ready and capable of bringing this vision to completion. You may need their ideas, but there is a difference between giving a hand and butting in; one of them ensures you are not overwhelmed.

Another way to manage guest input is to delegate your responsibilities to people who are willing to assist. The delegation of duties ensures that everyone is pre-occupied with a particular task that they enjoy doing hence maximizing the efficiency of the duties and minimizing the effect of overbearing guests. For instance, if your cousin loves music, then you put her in charge of the deejay and the music list. That way, everyone is involved but in different activities.

Besides the loving family members who come out as overbearing, there are also misbehaving guests and abusive relationships in your wedding ceremony. These guests have a habit of draining the pleasure and the fun of the wedding day. However, there is an old saying by Aristotle that says, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” With this knowledge then, you have to remember not to let anyone come in the way of your happiness on your special day. Also, set your expectations low on the guests. Not all of them will enjoy what you prepare.

You may also appoint a point person or an usher who is close to you to ensure that the guests stay within their limits. If there is a badly behaving guest or anyone with unnecessary input on your wedding day, your detail officer, who may be your best couple, should deal with them and ensure a lovely service and reception party.

In conclusion, remember that everyone has a right to an opinion, but you are the overall decision maker. In the cases where the parents are contributing financially to your celebration, they should be allowed to have a say, however not the final word on all things. Be careful on what you put up with so that you do not lose your mind. If you have to ask a guest to leave so that you enjoy your special day, it is within your rights as the bride or groom.