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How to Determine Who Will Interact with the Vendors and the Guests on the Wedding Day

How to Determine Who Will Interact with the Vendors and the Guests on the Wedding Day

For better coordination, the role of communication should be delegated to the chief event organizer. This will encourage deliveries in good time and better service. Some vendors need to be pushed to make deliveries as scheduled. This is the main reason as to why you should delegate the responsibility of follow-ups to the wedding planner. It can be very tedious for you to keep track of all the events of the “big day.” A wedding planner gives you the chance to enjoy special moments with minimum pressure.

Delegating same duties to different people may end up being confusing. The issue of communication comes with control of the program, and it is best if delegated to one person. The best person to communicate with the vendors and guests is the event manager. The event manager is referred to as the wedding planner. There are a few factors you should consider.

  • Be positive. Focus on positive energy. This will act as a big booster for the success of the event. Giving the wedding planners good morale makes them feel worthy, which makes them work hard to deliver the best results. Sharing with the wedding planners and giving them the expectations that you have for the “special day,” makes it easy on them. This improves the commitment level, making them plan for the event as if it is their It is wrong to say bad things about a vendor or a guest, as this may affect the relationship and end up in a blame game. The morale and keeping everyone in high spirits affects communication positively, leaving both vendors and guests happy and feeling appreciated.
  • Don’t take it personally. On a wedding day, many things pop up as a result of a busy schedule. This demands responsibility that neither the groom nor the bride can afford. This leaves the couple to be with no other alternative but to delegate the duties. On a wedding day, even the guest expects the couples to be stress-free and relaxed, and no hectic roles should be assigned to them.
  • Go for a professional. Having a professional planner at your wedding ceremony is very important. If the planner is not competent, then the risk of ruining the occasion is very high. If you hire a professional to assist in planning and managing your wedding ceremony, there are good chances that the event will turn out to be successful. This is very crucial when it comes to choosing who you should give the responsibility of communicating with the guests and the vendors.

The person of your choice should be a person of integrity and who understands what he/she is expected to deliver.