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How to Establish a Budget for the Bachelor Party

How to Establish a Budget for the Bachelor Party

What are the numbers? A big group means the costs of activities and accommodation could be much cheaper, as suppliers bargain better with bigger groups and the cost of the groom’s expenses will be so much easier to spread over a big group.

Of course, if the group is small and compact and, say, made up of the groom’s very best friends, the group may very well be willing to spend a little extra to obtain a much more luxurious package for the occasion.

Whatever the case, always consider your guests’ limits. It would not be good for people to pull out because they can’t afford it.

The basic things to factor into a bachelor party budget are:


How many will share the rooms. Remember when putting three people in one room to lower costs, this probably means two people sharing a double bed, so make sure the guests would agree to this.


Packages can range from very low prices or reach the sky. Price doesn’t determine the amount of fun. That’s down to the group, so set your limit at a rate that won’t keep your guests away. 


This section ideally needs to be split into four parts:

  • Lunch/arrival food
  • Snacks (g., sweets, chips that can be purchased in advance)
  • This may be included in the accommodation package, but a caterer may be a cost that needs considering.
  • This may not be included in your accommodation price, so factor it in with your snacks to ensure any hungover guests can be fed the morning after.

Once these four big budget items are dealt with, it’s possible to decide on some of these extras:


What’s it going to cost for people to travel? Is it going to require group transport? And if so could it be buses, trains or planes?


Will guests be expected to bring their own or will the hosts provide bottles of beer or the groom’s favorite tipple? Will there be drinks included in the price of the dinner menu or will this need to be covered on the night?


Themes can be homemade, or they can be bought in. If one is going to feature, what is the spend likely to be? Will guests need to rent costumes?

Fees for nightclubs or reserving a bar area

Some accommodations will include the option of free entry to certain venues. Otherwise, you need to decide if people will be able to pay on the night.


Everything has a cost so don’t go crazy on the decorations if any. They can make a big and beneficial difference at a bachelor party, but the process needs to be considered.

The Groom

The groom’s costs need to be covered. Some will insist on paying their way, but paying for part or all of a groom’s expenses is a wonderful gift that will most definitely not be forgotten.