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Who Should Organize the Bachelorette Party?

Who Should Organize the Bachelorette Party?

Planning a bachelorette party is stressful – especially if you have not prepared one before.

The organizer needs to have a good rapport with the bride-to-be because step one is to have a detailed discussion with the person whose big day it’s going to be.

The person tasked with planning the bachelorette party needs to talk to the bride-to-be in a way that enables her to keep much of the celebration a surprise, but also to get at least a rough idea of what the bride expects.

  • Does she want to go abroad? Some brides love the idea of their bachelorette party happening somewhere sunny and hot, while others would rather stay local. 
  • What should the budget look like? The money question is crucial and needs to be agreeable to the other bachelorettes, but the bride will probably have an idea of what she would like to spend on her last celebration before the big day.
  • Are there any definite no-nos? The aim is not to give the bride-to-be a nightmare, so the organizer needs to have a conversation, to determine whether she is designing an event for an adrenaline junkie or a cuddle bunny.
  • Are there any preferred venues? The organizer needs to be able to choose a suitable place, that everyone can get to and enjoy.
  • How long should the bachelorette party go on for? This will probably be determined by the budget, but the organizer needs to have a feel for the bride-to-be’s staying power.
  • What’s important to include? Whoever organizes the event needs to establish what the most important thing to the bride is. Amazing location or unique hotel? Low key or highbrow?

After having established all of the above, the organizer can move to the next steps, like creating the invite list, coming up with possible dates, organizing a Facebook and/or Instagram group, choosing the location and finding accommodations, as needed.

When these foundations have been laid, it is time to plan the activities and set them in motion. Only then will it be possible to provide everyone with final details, such as dates and prices.

With all this confirmed and agreed upon, then the bookings can finally be set in stone. But the organizer’s job is not yet done.

One crucial job is collecting the money from participants. The attendees will need to be told how to pay their share and what their deadlines are. 

If the bachelorette party is taking place far away, the organizer needs to decide whether she is taking charge of the transportation, or if perhaps it would be easier for everyone to take responsibility for getting themselves there.

Planning a bachelorette party can be fun, but whoever organizes the event needs to be able to handle a lot of pressure.