How to Find the Theme/Style of Your Wedding

Bride and groom table for wedding reception night with wedding cake in background for luxury wedding

There were days when wedding themes were typical but gone are those days. Presently, there are innumerable venues, infinite rental alternatives, and influences running from timeless and soft to edgy and eclectic. When trying to discover the impeccable theme or style for your wedding, several steps and factors have to be followed and considered. The first step is usually to think big. All you should do in this step is to picture your dream wedding. Ask yourself a question such as when and where will the wedding take place?

This is paramount as seasons also influence the theme of weddings. For example; if you choose to have your wedding celebrations in winter, you will have to come up with that theme that will be suitable for that cold that is present during winter, and the same applies if you decide to have your wedding in summer when is weather. Furthermore, the kind of service that you will be having is important. Will you hold your wedding outdoors, or in a church, or on a beach, or in a chapel?

Use your wedding venue as a starting point for inspiration; make an effort of using the surrounding of your favored venue to inspire your wedding style. The next crucial part when trying to decide the theme of your wedding is to contemplate on the mood you want to create. Do you want a wedding with a relaxed vibe? The next step is to collect and save intelligence on the matter to get a better picture of what to avoid and what you want. This data can be found in books, real wedding photographs, on blogs, and on bridal magazines.

Online sources can also be a good source of inspiration with websites such as Pinterest offering you countless of themes to choose from. After collecting relevant inspiration for your wedding style, the next step is simply to figure out the formality. This is because a country wedding on a farm is very different from a black-tie celebration in the city and the colors you choose should echo this. Narrowing in on your style will make it easier for you to convey and to adopt your ideas. Think of entertaining obsessions that you share with your prospective spouse and use that as your style or theme.

The next step is to pick your colors. This is essential as the color is usually the consolidating factor among all your wedding components starting from the invitation cards to the bridesmaid’s dresses. When going through this process, the hardest part is eliminating those things that do not fit into your bigger picture. Whichever style you end up settling on, ensure it makes your wedding ooze with style and personality; avoid making it the same as the wedding that was held at your venue a month ago. This way, when your guests walk into your reception, they should not doubt that it is your wedding.

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