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How to Get in Shape for Your Wedding

How to Get in Shape for Your Wedding

If you are considering working out in readiness for your big day, it is advised that you start early for the best outcome. Starting early ensures that you do not crash diets in last minute rush of getting fit for your special day. Ten to eight months before your wedding, ensure that you have a training and nutrition plan in place by:

  • Setting eating patterns that you will follow for the rest of your life. If you start preparing early, it will give you sufficient time to embrace this routine and making them long-term. This means that you have to start drinking plenty of water, eating slowly, and avoiding processed foods.
  • Practicing good sleeping hygiene. Having a good sleep is crucial to meeting your long-term fitness objectives. You can boost the nature of your sleep by avoiding caffeine at all cost after 2 p.m., making sure your bedroom is totally dark when sleeping and shutting off all your electronics about 30 minutes before bedtime.
  • Getting confirmation from a professional regarding your workout program. Have a professional assess your plan to confirm to you if you are doing it the way it's supposed to be.

Five months before your wedding day:

  • Pace your workouts. This means you speed up things but be careful not do erroneous exercises which can even damage your body. You can ensure you have a trainer to help you with your workouts.
  • Limit your focus. This is to enable you to concentrate on only what matters as things are always destined to become chaotic as the wedding day draws nearer. This is where you do away with programs that divert your attention and pick fitness programs that you enjoy and will be comfortable doing consistently.
  • Avoid giving up. After you have a workout for some months, it's normal to be tempted to give up completely but keep pushing on to the end.

One month to before the wedding day:

  • Focus on your workout. Focus on your exercises as they will also help in getting rid of stress that comes with wedding planning. You can, for example, take spin classes that will help burn a lot of calories in a very limited amount of time.
  • Set a very strict diet. This means you set an expulsion diet that is focused on the days remaining to your bridal ceremony. If you follow it strictly, you can lose two to three percent of your body fat in the month remaining to your wedding.
  • Abstain from all bad substances. Do away with all the bad habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes that might still be holding you back from being in your desired shape. These vices could also be habits such as watching too much TV or even playing video games. You can choose activities that will keep you walking and stretching instead of those that will keep sited down all the time.