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How to Host an Eco-Friendly Wedding

How to Host an Eco-Friendly Wedding

The first step to having an eco-friendly wedding is to shop responsibly. Starting from when shopping for your engagement and wedding bands, ensure that you track their origins to avoid having an illegal, a stole or a blood diamond as the symbol of your eternal love without your knowledge. You can track your bands using schemes such as the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme that is one of the best. You can also avoid having an illegal ring for your wedding by using family heirlooms.

After you have decided on the wedding date, choose some eco-friendly invitations to avoid polluting the environment. Some of the best materials to use for this kind of invitations are such as recycled papers. You can also reduce inserts in your invitations by directing people to your wedding website for any further information they might need, and this will reduce the amount of paper needed. When printing the recycled papers, make sure you use vegetable-based inks which are more environmentally friendly.

The next step is to pick an eco-friendly venue for your wedding. This is basically the best way of shrinking the carbon footprint of your wedding, and it helps in setting the stage for the rest of the wedding. Tying the knot outdoors is one of the most suitable ways of ensuring you have an eco-friendly wedding as the lighting can be provided by the sun. Gardens, refurbished barns are some of the outdoor places that are perfect for holding eco-friendly weddings. If you are having an indoor wedding, ensure that your reception and the wedding ceremony are in one venue to minimize traveling from one location to the other which will reduce the fuel emissions.

You can also look for a venue that uses biodegradable products and energy efficient appliances. When it comes to choosing the flowers, make sure that the flowers you pick are grown in the right way as some farms use chemicals that are harmful to the environment. When you dispose of such kind of flowers, they negatively affect the organic matter found in the soil. Also instead of throwing away the flowers after the wedding is over, you can request your bridesmaids to put them together so that they can be taken to either a senior center or a hospital so that other people can also get a chance to enjoy their beauty.

After the end of your wedding ceremony, you can go to an eco-friendly honeymoon.  It might not be in a forest, but a resort or a hotel that practices sustainability is enough. When looking for the ideal honeymoon destinations, several booking sites donate a certain percentage of money that goes towards organizations that advocate for a greener environment. Booking your honeymoon with such sites is a good way of making your contribution towards conserving the environment.