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How to Make a Shy Flower Girl Feel Comfortable?

How to Make a Shy Flower Girl Feel Comfortable?

But you are happy that the bridesmaids' dresses are well-made and all fit. The ushers you know are very charming and capable. You’ve checked with everyone involved and are satisfied that the rings are all accounted for.

However, nobody can really prepare for that difficult moment when your flower girl is supposed to walk down the aisle and just freezes!

It's by no means uncommon for the very youngest members of any wedding party to be feeling shy and apprehensive about this significant role they have been asked to fulfill.

But there are numerous ways that the apprehension can be alleviated pre-emptively so that the flower girl is helped to feel confident and happy on your big day. To make sure they succeed in walking down the aisle—and are enthusiastic about the prospect —there are some time-worn tips for handling the issue of a shy flower girl.

When a flower girl is shy, bear in mind that there's a certain power when people are in groups. Buddy your flower girl up with someone of a similar age – like the ring bearer – so they can walk together and give each other support.

Alternatively, you could double up on the role and have a second flower girl. Whoever you choose, ensure they meet in person prior to the event, so they get to know each other a bit and then are able to feel confident with each other during their exposure to the limelight.

Preoccupying shy people with a distraction is another tried and tested way of calming any nerves.

Giving them something else to think about and do while walking is a good way of distracting a shy flower girl. Give her something to carry to keep her hands occupied. Throwing petals may be frowned upon at the venue you have chosen, so allow your flower girls to carry single flowers, or pomanders, or even a ribbon wand to symbolize the celebration.

There’s also nothing better than rewarding a flower girl who does a good job. Before the flower girl heads down the aisle, arrange for someone to show them a toy they will receive at the end of the ceremony. This will excite them and get them looking forward to celebrating with their gift when the reception begins.

As well as buddying the flower girl with someone of a similar age, you could also have her walk towards someone she trusts.

This is an easy way to get a shy flower girl down an aisle without fear. Putting a parent or someone else they know and love on the aisle won't solve every problem, but it’s been shown time and time again that it can be a great help.

Practice, of course, is the most effective way of removing fear. Kids and adults find that practicing something beforehand is almost guaranteed to help ease any nerves. Going through the intricacies of the ceremony a few times, whether individually or as a group, is bound the remove the feeling that everything is unusual. It’s worth giving your flower girl that little bit of extra time to ensure she is comfortable walking down the aisle.