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How to Plan for a “Trash the Dress” Photography Shoot

How to Plan for a “Trash the Dress” Photography Shoot

You have to choose a perfect location for the shoot, to create the best shots. To achieve this, you have to plan it and make the needed arrangements with your photographer. Here are some tips on how to plan for the “trash the dress” photo shoot.

Consult a Professional Photographer

You should seek advice from a professional photographer to be informed about the process involved in that shoot. You should inform the photographer about your expectation, and in return, he should advise you on how to go about it. This discussion will help the photographer to know the equipment he needs for the shoot. If it takes place in a pool, for example, he must carry underwater camera equipment. The cost should also be discussed, to know if about possible extra fees.

Dress to the Occasion

In case you bought or hired an expensive dress, you should consider buying a cheaper one just for the shoot. You should wear a swimming costume in case you want to have shots taken when you are diving under the water. Consider wearing waterproof makeup and have your hair styled to give the best effects. If you believe the dress may be transparent when soaked in water, plan to wear appropriate underwears or swimming costume that match the color of the dress.

Plan for the Day and Venue

It is essential to discuss with your fiancé and later plan with your photographer about the day and the venue. The couple must choose the location carefully. It should reflect their expectations. If you choose a busy location, timing is essential. You have to discuss with your photographer about the most appropriate time of the day. You should make it as private as possible and avoid crowded places unless this is what you are looking for for the shoot. 

Do Your Own Research

You want to find places which will bring great memories with the perfect shots. Fun should be the main theme. Find a stress-free environment, to maximize enjoying the shoots. You can also opt to have the shoot taken another day than the wedding so that you can be relaxed and enjoy it.