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How to Plan for Your Honeymoon

How to Plan for Your Honeymoon

Most couples spend all their time preparing for their wedding and end up making their honeymoon plans as an afterthought. That is usually not fair considering that honeymoon lasts longer than a wedding. The honeymoon is probably the only opportunity you get where you can spoil yourself for a period up to a month, and therefore, it should be given more priority. Honeymoons are very important to the married couple as they help set the mood for their new life. It creates the couple's first significant moments as man and wife, setting the stage of how the couple will be treating each other for the rest of their lives.

Honeymoon affords the newlyweds with ample time to cool off after months of hard work and stress. Planning a wedding is a very demanding process both physically and mentally and the couple utilizes honeymoon to relax. So how do you plan your honeymoon? The first item is to come up with a financial plan that will include all your expenses from your air ticket (if required), accommodation, meals, car rentals, etc. It is recommended that you budget for your honeymoon six months in advance so that you can have time to make all preparations and to make the reservations.

After completing your budget, start researching your dream honeymoon haven either on wedding websites or ask your friends for their input, or you can seek the help of a travel agent who will advise you on the best locations that will fit your budget. In case the destination of your dreams is more expensive than you anticipated, you can both come up with ways you can save some money or choose another locale. If you are going overseas for your honeymoon, make sure you know at least the basics of the lingo of your honeymoon haven so that you can have the best experience.

Three months to the honeymoon, make sure you have already established your destination and have reserved your tickets and obtained visas and passports if needed. Remember to sign up for travel insurance if necessary. Two months ahead is when you line up theater tickets, book tours, or any other fun activity of your choice that requires billing in advance.

One month to your honeymoon is when you confirm again all your reservations to avoid being stranded in a foreign place. Create a shopping list and ensure that you have changed some of your cash into small bills, which will enable you to blend seamlessly at your destination. Pack your clothes and buy everything that you are going to need one week to your honeymoon. Furthermore, remember to validate and sync all your crucial contacts in your phone and any other gadgets you are traveling with. After everything is set, go on your honeymoon and create memories to last you a lifetime.