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How to Stay Organized During Your Wedding Planning

How to Stay Organized During Your Wedding Planning

Some brides and grooms have been known to get a mental or physical breakdown as they approach their wedding day due to the pressures that come with wedding planning. However, besides compartmentalizing (lesson for another article), there are ways that one may stay sane and organized as they plan the wedding event.

First and foremost, commit to one planner for the wedding. Whether you are a digital or you prefer the manual way of planning, all the plans made should be confined to the same planner. Flipping between two or more planners may lead to forgotten appointments, deferred commitments and some crucial meetings pushed aside.

Ensure that you place all wedding items in the same spot; preferably where the wedding vision board is. This spot creates centralization of the reference point for all wedding items such as contacts, receipts, and paperwork. With a central place for planning then there is a rise in creativity and efficiency of the planning process.

Multi-tasking is an enemy of long-term progress. Multi-tasking gives the illusion of competence, but it is a hindrance to productivity. Therefore, all brides and grooms should stick to one task at a time. Your emotional and physical well-being is as important as the success of the wedding. Therefore, to stay on top of your game is by ensuring that you are never overwhelmed. Channel your focus and energy into single tasks, and you're sure to be more productive, organized and more importantly relaxed. A wedding priority list and timeline is critical as it helps to clear tasks chronologically. Delegating your responsibilities is also a fundamental way to reduce your workload and create time for more crucial tasks.

A minute detail that is as important is creating an email address for the wedding event only. This way all communication about the wedding is streamlined and organized and reduces the chance of forgetting or ignoring any detail. By sharing the email password with your significant other, you reduce the workload on one single person. This way all the budget worksheets, guest lists, invoices and other documents can also be stored online for ease of access anywhere.

A color-coded system of organizing can prove to be significant. An example is a color-coded calendar for the bride or groom activities where you pick a different color for each activity type so that you can quickly see the action up for the next week. This system will help you know when your responsibilities such as follow-up emails appointments are up.

As a final point, it is never too early to begin planning for your wedding. It is easier to procrastinate. However, when you get rid of the less stimulating tasks, then you have time for the better jobs. Breaking time up into months, for instance, can help to reduce the pressure as the day approaches. Remember, one has to plan to plan. Creating some chunk of time every once in a while to create a plan for your planning activities is a sure way to take care of last-minute stress.