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Ideas for a Bachelorette Party with a Lot of People

Ideas for a Bachelorette Party with a Lot of People
  • Start off by booking early. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that hotels or airlines would jump at the chance of taking a booking from large groups. After all, they should be grateful for the business. Think again! The majority of hotels and airlines set prices on the basis of supply and demand, so the bigger the demand the higher the price. The advice: book early to guarantee the first rooms or seats and get them at their lowest price.
  • Don’t think things will be easy and be assertive. Trying to please everyone won't work. Everyone has their own opinion and there’s no way that it can all be accommodated. To ensure that things run smoothly when you have a large bachelorette group, keep everything simple and aim at pleasing the bachelorette/bride-to-be. Everyone else can whistle Dixie, it’s not their weekend! By all means, dip into the deep forum of ideas, but be assertive about what you choose and book what you know the bachelorette will enjoy.
  • Be careful with money. Only pay for those people who have either paid you or are party members whom you trust. If you pay for anyone you barely know and cannot really trust, it is bound to end in tears. Also, beware cancellation charges. Most airlines do not refund after a flight is booked. When you book through a specialist company, a lot of the stress will be absorbed by the company, plus you can get people to pay them directly.
  • Get the idea out of your head that you have to be everyone’s mother. Grown adults are being taken on a bachelorette party. They should be capable of looking after themselves 365 days a year, so don't for one moment think that you have to act as their mother all weekend. In addition, you do not have to assume responsibility for absolutely everything that occurs. If the bar shuts early or the masseur fails to complete the full 60-minute session, it’s not your fault. Don’t let other people’s disappointments wreck your weekend.
  • Enjoy the fun. As you have probably paid as much as everyone else, if not more, you have earned every right to enjoy everything about the weekend. Before you go, just make sure that everyone coming is sent a full itinerary and all the details in good time before the event. The worst thing is to hog this crucial information. If it is shared with everyone, then everybody in the party will be fully aware of every detail. This removes the pressure on you over the weekend, so you can have as much fun as all the others.