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Ideas for Wedding Reception Activities

Ideas for Wedding Reception Activities

As much as your wedding day is one of the most special days to you, it should also be a memorable experience for the guests. The wedding reception is where the fun begins. You and your guests look forward to the food and the music. Here are a few planning and execution tricks that you could employ to ensure that you have the most memorable day of your life.

The first thing to consider is the seating arrangement for your wedding reception. The most thoughtful thing to do is place guests next to people they know for relaxed conversations. Creating a comfortable environment for the guests will encourage them to let go and have fun during the reception.

Creating entertaining activities for the children guests is a big plus for any wedding. Having sitters to take good care of the children allows for the grown-ups to have a fantastic time at the wedding reception. Also, putting some thought into the entertaining activities for the children leaves them as well as the parents with only good things to say about your grand wedding reception. You could arrange for the babysitter to set up movies, games, child-centric dance party or tables topped with coloring books, crayons, games and small toys for the toddlers.

Aside from taking care of the guests, you should invest in your first dance. The truth is, all eyes are on the groom and bride. Despite the song you choose, whether slow or fast, make it entertaining by investing in some dance classes with your future partner before the big day. Choose a song that has a meaning to the both of you; that way you will dance your heart out. Finally, choose the best deejay and entertainer for your wedding reception to leave your guests with the best memories.

You can assure your guests of a fun surprise at the end of the evening to keep them put with some anxiety. You could surprise them with a hired dance instructor who will teach different dances like the merengue, bachata, cha cha, rhumba, or the tango. Also, you could set up some fireworks, a celebrity guest or wedding favors. Wedding favors area fairly new idea that is yet to be fully embraced. You may choose to send your guests home with a souvenir of the great day they had. Wedding favors are a small part of the day. However, they create a lasting memory of the wedding for the guests. They are a reminder that you appreciate them for attending your wedding.

A good idea for the food station is to make it interactive. An example is the making of the cocktail hour interactive by setting up a wine, champagne or liquor tasting. You could employ a beverage expert who will answer questions and ensure your guests have a fantastic time with the open bar.

In conclusion, remember that the reception is set up as a hospitality gesture to the guests. Therefore, it can last as long as the wedding couple desire. Putting some thought into the wedding reception bumps the quality of the wedding reception up.