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Is It a Must to Have Flower Girls and Pageboys in Your Wedding?

Is It a Must to Have Flower Girls and Pageboys in Your Wedding?

Pageboys and flower girls add passion and innocent glamour to any wedding. Before you make a decision on whether to include them in your wedding, there are several issues you should first examine. What are the obligations and importance of flower girls and pageboys? Is it really necessary for you to have pageboys and flower girls at your wedding? The following are some of their roles.

  • Attending the pre-wedding ceremony. Flower girls are obligated to attend the pre-wedding service for rehearsals as this is where they perfect and are reminded of the wedding day routine.
  • Walking with pageboys down the aisle. This gives them confidence in case they get nervous.
  • Walking ahead of the bride while throwing rose flower petals down the aisle to epitomize the new life chosen by the bride.
  • The flower girls are also supposed to chase the bridesmaids down the aisle and depart with them too.
  • Holding a hamper filled with rose flower petals for other guests in attendance to throw at the newlyweds as they leave the wedding venue.
  • All flower girls should be present in all wedding photography sessions.

Some of the roles set aside for pageboys are:

  • Attending the pre-wedding day ceremony rehearsals. Just like in the case of flower girls, this is meant to familiarize the pageboys with the wedding day routine.
  • In instances where pageboys are present, they are the ones who deliver the wedding bands to the groom, down the aisle.
  • Just like the flower girls, pageboys hold baskets full of rose flower petals for guests to throw at the newlyweds as they depart.
  • Walking down the aisle with the flower girl. They accompany flower girls down the aisle since it's easier for them that way.
  • Pageboys should also be in all wedding photos.

One of the merits of including flower girls and pageboys at your wedding is that they usually look amazing in photos. They also provide hilarity during your big, special but stressful day. Weddings are known to be special, beautiful and very stressful and having kids around you can take away some of that stress. Another merit of having flower girls and pageboys is that they really know how to tear up the dance floor; they dance tirelessly cheering up everybody in the process.

One of the demerits of having them at your wedding is that they can be explosive and very temperamental, and they will always need to be supervised. Kids are generally messy, and your wedding won't be an exception so be prepared. Children can easily cause disruption or throw a tantrum interrupting your wedding celebration in the process. Consider all the above factors very carefully before inviting flower girls and pageboys to your wedding. Balance their advantages and their disadvantages and make a decision that is best for you since it is not a must for them to be present at your wedding. It all depends on you. It's your big day, so choose what is good for you.