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Is It Necessary to Have a Separate Children Menu?

Is It Necessary to Have a Separate Children Menu?

To most kids, wedding services mean a day of spending time with their cherished relatives, consuming as many delicacies and sweets as they can, and letting loose in a beautiful dress. The truth of the matter is that kids can at times find bridal ceremonies to be lengthy and sluggish and receptions to be extremely tedious. So, if you are going to have the adorable little guests in your wedding, you should think in advance ways of managing and keeping them entertained. One sure way of keeping the little ones entertained is having a separate menu for them.

When setting up separate menus for the minors, the first thing you should do is to talk to your caterer to find out if they offer a children's menu which many catering organizations do. This will mean that your choice of caterer will be determined by if they will be able to put up a separate children menu to avoid paying two caterers. Several determinants should be deliberated while setting up a children's menu and one of them is the number of children attending the wedding. Make an effort to calculate exactly how many kids will be coming to your wedding and also their ages.

Knowing their ages and number will assist you budget for them accordingly, where you can split children above let's say 13 years, to eat from the grown-up menu while those who are 12 years and below eat from the children menu. The other important factor to consider is the cost. You can cut down on the cost by asking the meals to be shared between two children to ensure that every child has food of acceptable portions to avoid wastage. In cases where a couple is using food stations, they can decide to set up a station that is specifically set aside for kids to avoid them from holding up adult affairs.

It is very necessary to have a separate children menu because most of them have very delicate tastes. It is therefore important to include a few snack packs to keep the children from being hungry which can make them disrupt your wedding celebration. You can add a few games to their table to keep them occupied such as puzzles and dominos and see if you can have a special guest just for the young ones. Having a balloon twister or a face painter, for example, is a great way of keeping them entertained as grownups also have a good time.

Before choosing the children's menu, make sure you find out if the children have any allergies and also what their desires are. Pay attention to portions, sizes and the crockery and cutlery they will be using. Kids always bring freedom and innocence to a bridal celebration, but they are also very unstable, meaning that parents cannot be able to always restrain their kids. So if you are able to organize a separate menu for the children where they will have food of the right portions and be entertained throughout, then, by all means, do it.