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Is the Wedding License Necessary During Rehearsal?

Is the Wedding License Necessary During Rehearsal?

A marriage license is a very important document. It is a legal recommendation for a couple who wishes to get married. It is supposed to be well detailed and signed. Those who are supposed to sign it are the groom, the bride, the officiant, and the witnesses, who may be the best man and the maid of honor.

When a wedding planner is drawing the wedding program, there should be time set aside for rehearsals, so the bride and the groom can get familiar with the wedding procession. Rehearsals are very important because the couple can diffuse the tension and be more relaxed on the wedding day. The rehearsal coordinator may request the couple to come with the wedding license as they rehearse for a few reasons. Here are some of them.

  • To check and confirm whether the license is valid. The wedding license should be well filled out, because if there is any missing information that should have been captured, then the document can be interpreted differently. For it to be valid, all the necessary information should be filled in correctly. The work of the rehearsal coordinator is simply to confirm whether all the details are captured in that form before he or she proceeds to have it signed.
  • To have the wedding license signed. The wedding coordinator must obtain the signatures of the groom, bride, and witnesses so that the license can be legally abiding. The couple has an option to sign the wedding license on the wedding day, but they can also have it signed during the rehearsals. There are cases where you find that the wedding license expires a few days before the wedding. The wedding license is considered to be valid when it does not exceed 60 days from the application date. To avoid the nullification of the wedding license, you should have it signed during the rehearsal, which should take place at least a day before the wedding.

A wedding officiant is not supposed to proceed with the wedding if the license is not valid. The priest should make sure the date is corresponding with the expiry date of the wedding license. If a couple fails to produce a wedding license, their marriage is not considered to be a formal one, and the law does not recognize it. They must provide the wedding certificate when called upon to do so. The couple must take great care of that piece of paper, as it is one of the most crucial documents.

Remember that the wedding license needs to be taken back to the clerk’s office for verification, within 3 to 5 days after the wedding ceremony. If the clerk is satisfied with the details filled in it, he or she can now present to the couple the marriage certificate, as a sign that they have complied with the law and that the wedding process was legal. From that point on, the two are officially pronounced as husband and wife.