Is Your Best Man Your Best Friend?

Bridegroom and best man

We all have had the privilege of having a best friend at some point in our lives. We have many friends, but we can identify best friends among the rest because we have healthier connections with best friends. Those bonds may have begun as early as we can commemorate while others do not develop until later in our life while we are in our most inelegant years. But what role do the best friends play in our lives? What is their significance?

“There is nothing on this Earth more to be prized than true friendship,” Thomas Aquinas once said, and right, he was. Friendship is very valuable to humanity for many reasons. A true friend helps us appreciate and define a purposeful life and shows up for us no matter what. A good confidant is someone who steps into your miserable life when the world is walking out on you. The best friend emboldens us, supports us, accepts us unreservedly, and always accepts our imperfections.

Friendship is usually a partnership. Meaning that there is no one side giving or receiving more than the other. It’s just two individuals who have come together on proportionate terms; there is no taking advantage of one another. Therefore, friendship is indeed more imperious than love since it is expected to withstand the bad and the good. That is how important best friends are in our life. We come back to the question: is your best man your best friend?

Sadly, the reality is that when it comes to choosing your best man, there are other factors to consider other than just having a really strong connection with someone. A wedding is a different story altogether since it is a ceremony where certain standards are supposed to be met by the person you will choose to be your best man. When choosing the best man, you are supposed to put some somber reflection into the person you are considering asking to be your best man since other equally deserving individuals are also close to you such as your brothers or family members.

Occasionally you can find that your best friend will not be able to be around for a big part of the wedding planning process giving you a perfect reason for you to remove him from the list of contenders. The bottom-line is: making a decision such as this, for the most important day of your life, is usually not easy at all. Furthermore, best friends might not always be in our life since they come and go.

Your best man should be someone who is in your life to stay; someone you can turn to, ten or fifteen years after your wedding and still be there for you. Your best man needs to be accountable, organized, supportive and trustworthy. Your best friend might be there for you all the time, but he might lack one or two of the above qualities making him ineligible for the position of the best man.

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