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Wedding Venues in Massachusetts

The mayflower is the adopted flower of Massachusetts. It is known for its fragrance and delicate characteristics. It sums up this state's splendor as one of 13 original colonies. There is plenty to see and discover here. Massachusetts, The Bay State, was the site of the US's first public park and metro system. The choices are vast for your wedding, so don't be put off. There are beautiful beaches and stunning forests as well as quaint and charming towns alongside busy cities. Therefore, Massachusetts can offer an array of options for your wedding day.

Every season is unique in Massachusetts so as well as deciding on the location; you need to be aware of the time of the year as well. You can have a romantic ceremony in a rustic barn or a traditional white wedding in a castle.

Featured: Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Boylston - Massachusetts
Featured: First Parish in Framingham Unitarian Universalist
Featured: Greater Light and Garden

Greater Light and Garden

Nantucket - Massachusetts
Featured: Hadwen House and Garden

Hadwen House and Garden

Nantucket - Massachusetts
Featured: The Endicott Estate

The Endicott Estate

Dedham - Massachusetts
Featured: Whaling Museum and Roofwalk

Whaling Museum and Roofwalk

Nantucket - Massachusetts
Featured: John H. Pierce House

John H. Pierce House

Lincoln - Massachusetts
Featured: Oldest House

Oldest House

Nantucket - Massachusetts
Featured: Peirce Farm at Witch Hill

Peirce Farm at Witch Hill

Topsfield - Massachusetts
Featured: Seaport Inn & Marina

Seaport Inn & Marina

Fairhaven - Massachusetts
Featured: Quaker Meeting House

Quaker Meeting House

Nantucket - Massachusetts
Featured: Barking Dog Ale House

Barking Dog Ale House

Haverhill - Massachusetts

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