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Wedding Venues in Newport, KY

Holding your wedding in or near Newport, Kentucky is an excellent idea. There are many options available in this city which could meet your demands and be perfect for your ceremony and/or reception. counts 7 venues in Newport, KY. These include venues in categories such as Ballroom, Garden, Beach, Cruise Ship-Boat etc. If for some reason you cannot find the right venue to hold your wedding ceremony and reception, there are several places around Newport, KY where you can hold your wedding.

    List of Wedding Venues in Newport, Kentucky

    Featured: Bar Louie, Newport

    Bar Louie, Newport

    Newport - Kentucky
    Featured: BB Riverboats Belle of Cincinnati
    Featured: BB Riverboats Newport Landing

    BB Riverboats Newport Landing

    Newport - Kentucky
    Featured: BB Riverboats River Queen

    BB Riverboats River Queen

    Newport - Kentucky
    Featured: Brio Tuscan Grille, Newport

    Brio Tuscan Grille, Newport

    Newport - Kentucky
    Featured: Carnegie Hall of Newport

    Carnegie Hall of Newport

    Newport - Kentucky
    Featured: Newport Aquarium

    Newport Aquarium

    Newport - Kentucky

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