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Wedding Planning Checklist

Use our comprehensive Wedding Planning Checklist and make sure you plan your perfect wedding celebration.

A year or more before

Start looking at dresses/wedding photos and get inspired

This can be done through the Internet, wedding magazines, etc.

Find the theme/style for your wedding

Make the theme very personal, something that defines your couple. It can be the place you first met, a hobby you both have, etc.

Decide on a city and a season for your wedding

This step is important for the following steps and to determine your availability and that of the people close to you. Decide whether to have the ceremony and the reception at the same location or not, so you can plan for travelling.

Decide on an overall budget for your wedding

This is a crucial step. You can have big dreams for your wedding but knowing your budget will narrow down what can be achieved and what can be done in moderation or excluded.

Start putting together your wedding's guest list

To have your budget determined will help you decide how many guests you can have at your wedding.

Start researching wedding reception venues

The best way to do is to use our section "Find a venue" where you narrow down your search to desirable locations, budgets, types of venue, etc.

Start researching wedding planners

Look for wedding planners that are within your budget and whose work inspires you.

Send announcements regarding your engagement

That can be done using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social media.

9 to 11 months before

Hire a wedding planner

If necessary

Estimate the number of guests at your wedding

Having the number of guests will help you find the Venue that can hold that many guests.

Schedule tours for wedding reception venues

The best would be to have 2-3 around your chosen area.

Book a wedding reception venue

Venues are important to be booked in advance so you can have one available for the specific date you have chosen.

Create a website dedicated to your wedding

This is optional but very useful for your guest and yourself. There are tools to help you easily create a website without having a lot of web knowledge.

Book a site to hold your ceremony

This can be at your church or many venues have sites to hold your ceremony.

Book an officiant

Reserve hotel rooms for guests

If necessary

Reserve a hotel room for your wedding night

If necessary

Decide on the wedding party

" Maid of honor " Best man " Bridesmaids " Groomsmen " Flower girl " Ring bearer

Start researching caterers

If you don’t know where to start, your wedding venue will usually have a caterer or will know good caterers.

Meet with and assess caterers

This is also the time to choose what you want your guests to be served. The best solution is to have a budget for the catering.

Book a photographer for your wedding

Like with the venues, wedding photographers can be busy at certain period of the year, so it is always good to book them in advance. Discuss specific shots and walk through the locations to note spots that appeal to you.

Book a caterer for your wedding

Schedule engagement pictures to be taken with a photographer

If necessary

Start researching wedding invitations

Find wedding invitations styles that will fit your wedding and couple perfectly. Another thing to consider is whether you want the invitations to be sent by email, mail, etc.

Register for wedding gifts

There are many online stores that you can register and build a list of gifts for you wedding. Then your guests can log in and choose gifts that would be in your list. This also helps not end up with duplicate gifts.

7-8 months before

Meet with invitation designers

If you did not find what you wanted online.

Research and save pictures of flower arrangements

There are a lot of flower arrangements on the Internet and you can get ideas on our Gallery Page.

Research and save wedding dress pictures

It can be found on the Internet and we also have choices on our Gallery page.

Buy your wedding dress

Buy the dress but do not adjust the dress now, reserve the fitting closer to the wedding to make sure the dress will fit you perfectly.

Meet with and assess florists

Start researching bands/DJs

Decide on bridesmaid dresses

You can use Instagram, our Gallery photos or Google images to gather ideas.

Meet with and assess bands/DJs

Book a florist for your wedding

Choose your bride's bouquet

Choose your bridesmaid bouquet

Choose flowers for your flower girl

Choose boutonnieres for groom and groomsmen

Choose decorations for your ceremony

Start researching wedding videographers

Meet with and assess wedding cake vendors

Book a band/DJ for your wedding

Meet and assess wedding videographers

Note down honeymoon options

Book your wedding cake vendor

Some bakers require a long lead time. Attend several tastings before committing to any baker.

Book your wedding videographer

No need to talk specifics yet, but be sure that the people you hire are open to doing the shots that you want.

Meet with and assess ceremony musicians

If necessary

6 months before

Start researching venues for your rehearsal dinner

Book musicians for your ceremony

If necessary

Order your wedding invitations

Send invitation for your bridal shower

It can be send by emails, mail and put on your website.

Meet and assess lighting and rental professionals

Order your wedding's rentals

5 months before

Book your honeymoon

Including flights and hotel rooms

Make a list of other reception items to buy

Buy/rent your wedding's menswear

Choose accessories for the groom

Book hair and makeup artists

Make a few appointments with local experts to try them out. Snap a photo at each so you can compare results.

Decide on wedding ring options

You can use Instagram, our Gallery photos or Google images to gather ideas.

Have a hair trial

Make plans for transportation for your wedding

4 months before

Make a list of your accessories

Buy the items you will wear under your dress

Make a list of other ceremony items to buy

Buy other items for your reception

Order the wedding rings

Make the travel arrangements/Book the transportation

Including shuttles and parking

Choose and buy your wedding cake topper

Make a list of the wedding gifts your need to buy

3 months before

Plan for your wedding exit

Buy the items needed for your wedding exit

Prep your invitations

Mail your wedding invitations

Buy shoes to go with your wedding dress

Buy all items needed for the ceremony

2 months before

Buy all your wedding dress accessories

Decide on how guests will share pictures

Make list of all items you need to pack for your honeymoon

Search and save pictures of ceremony programs

Decide on the readings for the ceremony

Make final decisions on the catering menu

Work on your seating chart and your escort cards

Send out the rehearsal dinner invitations

1 months before

Make final decisions on your ceremony outline

Hire a coordinator for the day

Enter RSVPs into your guest-list database

Make a timeline for the day

Decide on how communications will get to the vendors/guests

Finalize the programs for your ceremony

Book an appointment for nail and spa treatment

The day before the wedding is perfect. It will relieve stress and get you relaxed to better enjoy your wedding day.

2 weeks before

Finish buying the necessary for your honeymoon

Pack for your honeymoon

Prepare the wedding toasts

Communicate to all the wedding timeline

Follow up with those who have yet to RSVP

Delegate small wedding-day tasks

Choose someone to bustle your dress, someone to carry your things, someone to oversee gifts especially the enveloped sort, someone to hand out tips, and someone to be the point person for each vendor.

See dressmaker for last adjustments

To feel secure, you may also want to schedule a fitting the week of your wedding. You can always cancel the appointment if you try on the dress then and it fits perfectly.

1 week before

Finalize your seating charts and your escort cards

Pick up your wedding dress

Give the reception venue and caterer the guest count

Obtain your marriage license

Confirm all payments with all vendors

Make sure to put aside the tips for the vendors.

Day before your wedding

Give out welcome baskets

Go to the Spa

Relax and enjoy...

Have a wedding rehearsal

Your Wedding Day

Make sure you have more than enough time to get ready

Make sure the best man has the wedding rings and the fee for the officiant

Have a beautiful wedding and enjoy yourself

After The Wedding

Go on and enjoy your honeymoon

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