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Pros and Cons of Sending Invitations by E-Mail or by Mail

Pros and Cons of Sending Invitations by E-Mail or by Mail

There are different means that one can send an invitation to a certain targeted group. However, one should choose the best means that is fast, convenient and has privacy. E-mail is one of the methods that one can use in sending invitations to different people with ease. Let me give you some of the pros and cons of sending an invitation by e-mail.


Privacy and Confidentiality. Sending your invitations to your guests via e-mail gives confidentiality and privacy. E-mail is private and can only be accessed by the owner who secures it with a password. So, when you send your wedding invitation by e-mail, you are guaranteed that the invitation will reach the right person without any alteration. Only the intended person will receive it as it is, and there will be no leakage to a third party.

Another advantage of sending your invitation using email is that it is a fast means. You have to prepare your invitation message and click send. The recipient will receive the invitation immediately without any delay so long as there is an internet connection. Through this, the ones who will attend your wedding may respond immediately via email, and you will be in a position to know who will attend and who will not.

Convenient-bulk sending. Using e-mails, a means of communication is very convenient. You may be in need of sending bulk invitations to many guests to attend your wedding. In this case, you will compose your invitation, and enter their emails addresses and send. They will receive the invitation immediately without any delay. You will be certain that your invitation has been sent to all and wait for their responses.  

Saves money. Sending invitations using emails is less costly as compared to other means. You only need to have an email address and ensure that your recipient also has one.


Some people may take longer to access their emails. There might be some reasons like internet network problems or not checking their emails regularly. This will imply that they will not be in a position to receive your invitation if they cannot access their emails. In that specific case, it is not considered a reliable communication system for sending your invitation.