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Questions Regarding the Guests at Your Wedding

Questions Regarding the Guests at Your Wedding

Do You Have to Invite Everyone You Work With?

Your nuptial may be one of the most important events of your life. Therefore, you should be choosy about who you invite to your wedding to ensure a manageable guest list and a peace of mind. When it comes to coworkers, some of them should not make the cut required to attend your wedding. You should invite the coworkers that you are close to and see yourself being friends with in the future. Some people may not want to be invited to a wedding because they realize that it may be expensive to attend. Merely asking could you save a lot of hustle. As for your boss, invite them if you have a great relationship with them, but you are not obligated to if you are on bad terms.

Do I Have to Invite a Couple to My Wedding If They Invited Me to Theirs Before?

Not all couples that invited you should get an invite to your wedding. Some couples that you could consider not asking are; guests that may not be able to make it to your destination wedding, people who are just not close to you and invited you to complete a certain number of guests, couples who you have grown distance with since their wedding. If the couple invited you in the past two years, you might have to return the favor, but draw a line to people you can’t accommodate. If your wedding venue only provides for a small number of guests, you may not have to send an invitation to a couple as it is a perfect excuse.

Is It Okay to Have a Dress Code for Your Guests?

You may have an idea of the dress code that you want your guests to wear due to the type of venue or just for the sake of it. Depending on how you express yourself in your invitation cards, it may be considered alright to give a dress code. It is perfect to find a dress code that especially matches the color theme of the wedding since they make the photographs very beautiful. It may also be an advantage to the guests since they will have an easier time choosing their outfits if they know what is expected of them.