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RSVP and Invitations

RSVP and Invitations

What Kind of Deadline Should You Give Your Guests to RSVP?

At this point, you have finalized all the wedding invitations required to be sent out. The next thing is to ensure you get an RSVP (it is a French statement “Répondez Sil Vous Plaît’ that means ‘Please respond’ to the guest. A response is the best way to determine the definite number of guests that will attend your wedding. Wedding requests should be mailed out two months in advance to allow for an early response. Early invitations give the guests roughly a month to respond. After you have offered the guests different options of response to the wedding, the deadline you should give your guests is a month or two weeks before the wedding. The reason for this is to ensure you have a correct estimate of the guests you expect to attend your wedding. The wedding planner may require this number to arrange for the food and refreshments.

However, for weddings that are held in holiday destinations and resorts, the invitations should be sent out two and a half months in advance to allow for the guests to make adequate travel and accommodation arrangements. When the guests RSVP, then you and your wedding planner can plan for the pre and post accommodation and the departure of the guests. For invitations that can be RSVP’d online, then you can give a later deadline like two weeks before the wedding. A point to note is that if you keep in touch with your guests, it will always be a friendly reminder for them to RSVP. Online invitations are cheaper to send. Therefore, more can be sent out if the guests forget to RSVP.

Should You Order Extra Invitations Just in Case?

The answer is yes. The reason is that you may need more invitation cards in case of the following mistakes; you forget to some of the invitation cards, you send the invitations too late close to the RSVP date, a remembrance if you post the invitations too early. The wedding-card calligrapher may mess the wedding invitations hence you may need a few additional ones to replace those. Simply put, you should order extra invitations so that you can deal with in case of an emergency such as a smudge or fold.

 It is more expensive to go back and print supplementary invitations as opposed to getting a batch at the beginning with more invitation cards than you need. The extra batch should have a later RSVP date than the first batch. The extra invitations go without saying that you should get extra envelopes for the cards. The book ‘The Knot of Wedding List; The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Day, Down to the Smallest Detail by Carley Roney’ suggests getting an extra 25 wedding invitation to cover you when you need more. Also, you may have a few guests who will decline if numbers limited you at your venue, then you can always invite a few extra once you have had some replies back. For guests, who initially didn’t have a plus-one, may get an extra one when some guests decline.