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What Should Be the Deadline for Your Guests To RSVP?

After the wedding invitations are sent, the next thing that the bride and the groom have to do is to track the RSVPs. This process can be very stressful especially when the couple does not know how much time should be given to the guests. So what kind of a deadline should be given to your guests to RSVP? Even though the deadline can change depending on what kind of wedding you are planning to have, experts, recommend that you give your wedding guests a period of about four to three weeks before the bridal ceremony to send the RSVP card.

Do You Have to Send a Save the Date to Your Guests?

A save-the-date card is the first official notice to your guests that you are getting married. These are sent out before the invitations. You may not have to send out the save-the-date cards if you have a short engagement. However, they are essential if you are having a destination wedding or an entire weekend wedding. You are required to send the cards to give a half a year or more notice to your guests. Therefore, it is an excellent way to figure your guest list out. With technology nowadays, though, they are considered a waste of time.

Should You RSVP Even If You Are Not Going to the Wedding?

RSVP has implied standard etiquette rules that guests should follow. The common thing to do is to send back the invitation through the requested methods, either hand delivery, the post office, phoning back or online methods with a decline or an acceptance. A timely RSVP enables the host to budget enough food, drinks and entertainment for the guest. It is only courteous to respond to one. Changing an RSVP to the negative later is considered rude, and a guest is only excused if they are sick or have experienced a death in the family. If you aren’t sure, then it is essential to let the host know.