Should I Charge My Guests For My Wedding If I Don’t Have A Budget?

Weddings are very expensive, and if you do not have enough cash or credit, you can find yourself struggling. The question then is: should you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate situation, what options would you have? Should you charge your guests to raise money to fund your wedding? This is a topic that will surely raise mixed reaction as different cultures have different rules. In Singapore, for example, it is normal for the guests to bring cash when attending a wedding ceremony.

The typical thing in most weddings worldwide is that guests are not charged anything because the couple holding the wedding are supposed to treat the guests for gracing their special day and sacrificing their time to come and celebrate with the couple as they exchange their vows. This is the common practice. So if you come from regions with a culture that allows the guests to be charged for attending the wedding, then you can go ahead and do it. However, if nothing like that happens from where you are based, then it is advisable to look for other options.

The only other option you would have if you are in a tight situation financially is to plan for a low-budget wedding. Planning for a huge wedding on a limited budget is a challenge that even the most experienced wedding planners can fail to overcome. To lower the budget for your wedding, you need first to plan the wedding for yourself. This will save you money and give you control on what to buy and what not to.

Stop spending on the little extras such as monogrammed cocktail napkins, ceremony programs, and bathroom basket. These are small things that sure make the wedding stand out but not having them will most probably go unnoticed, and it will save you money. During the wedding do not use big expensive cars such as limousines, instead, have a family member or even a friend drive you. When shopping, try to look for things that you can buy secondhand. Not everything should be bought secondhand, but there are many people online who are always trying to offload things such as vases.

Instead of the bridesmaids carrying elaborate bouquets, they can have just a tiny kissing ball or an elegant stem. Simplify the decor and fuse it with the overall theme of the wedding and no one will know that you had a small budget. You can also look for that friend or family member who knows how to bake and request them to make you a fabulous cake which they will gladly do saving you $400 and above. The last step should be to reduce the guest list. This step is important as the majority of your cumulative expense will depend on the number of guests who will grace your wedding. So if you have a tight budget, and you don’t come from regions where it is okay to charge your wedding guests, then have a low-budget wedding because if you are creative enough, you can still pull off a beautiful wedding.

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