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Should I Get a New or Pre-Owned Wedding Dress?

Should I Get a New or Pre-Owned Wedding Dress?

Odds are you'll only wear your wedding dress once! This is why many brides think of the purchase of their gown either as, this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so I must have the newest and the best, or, I can’t see the reason to spend more than it takes for this dress I’ll only be wearing for one day.

If you go for the first option and decide to go down the new dress path, then reputable boutiques will be able to glance at you and suggest the dress styles that will suit you best.

They will take into consideration your figure, height, and complexions, along with any theme for your big day and the venue you have selected. They will also think about what parts of your body you may like to show off, and those that you would rather disguise.

However, many brides don’t consider the fact that bridal boutiques usually require between six and nine months to arrange for one of their dresses to be delivered. With this in mind, many brides balk at starting to look for their wedding dress about 12 months before they tie the knot.

This is where many brides accept that they may as well fall into the latter group and decide to buy a pre-owned wedding dress. The best advice about shopping for pre-owned dresses involves.

  • Knowing your measurements. Key measurements include waist, bust, hips, and height, both with and without shoes. The previous bride is likely to have already had the dress tailored to her body, so buy one of a bigger size and then have a seamstress fix the gown as needed.
  • Check for defects. It’s only probably been worn once before, but still, check for wear and tear at the hemline, near the top part of the bust line and the underarm area. If you are looking at a gown which is close to your height and doesn't allow any additional hemming, make sure any questionable areas aren't substantial. When a gown has major rips, tears or staining, rethink if it’s really for you.
  • Protect yourself. The traditional dress shopping experience is covered by statutes, but buying pre-owned dresses is riskier. For instance, not every seller offers a return policy, and nobody wants to be surprised if an actual product doesn't match up to its description. 

If the dress you want isn't coming from a site or a seller that can guarantee authenticity and a risk-free return, then it’s a good idea to make the transaction via a service like

This means that the purchaser is protected because they can examine the dress to ensure that it is what was listed before any money is released for distribution to the seller.