Should I Hire A Band Or A DJ For My Wedding?

Dj mixing

We all agree that a wedding cannot be complete without music as you cannot have your first dance as a married couple without a tune to dance to. The music is so far-reaching that it is to be said to be the soul and the heart of a wedding reception. Should you hire a DJ or a band on your big day? Both have their strong points; for example, hiring a DJ guarantees that a wider scope of music will be played at your wedding. This is a positive thing since your guests will most likely have differing music tastes.

The DJ has the capability of playing an extensive variety of tunes throughout your party, making it also impossible for your guests to grumble about not appreciating at least some of the songs played on your big special day. Having a DJ at your wedding is more cost-effective compared to a band which means that you will have an opportunity of using more cash on other items such as beverages and food. A band, on the other hand, gives you the freedom of having live tunes playing at your wedding, which is magical.

Another positive aspect of having a band at your wedding is that they can be able to take music demands from the guests as they come plus the leader of the band can also work as the MC, electrifying the atmosphere. The only downside of having a band playing at your wedding is that it’s usually more extravagant than hiring a DJ. There are several factors to take into consideration to make the right music choice. Some of the things to consider are:

  • Your budget. DJs usually cost less compared to live bands since band prices change according to the number of musicians involved and the amount of time you want them to play.
  • The variety of music to be played. Ensure whoever you choose can play a variety of music for your guests.
  • The available space. Bands usually have many musicians, so check if the reception area has enough space or if there are noise limitations, and electrical power supply.
  • The vibe. Remember that the type of music you choose will solidify your theme and set the tone for your wedding. So choose the music genre that inspires the ambiance you are looking to create, and that best reflects your personalities.

The next step is to see them both do what they do best before deciding on whom to pick. You can also ask for referrals from both the bands and the DJ so that you can have another opinion from a person who has seen their work before. Make sure that the person you choose is professional meaning they are open to your likes and dislikes. Go ahead and make your choice after you have considered all the above factors. Regardless of who you choose, remember to make sure that your chosen song for the first dance is played at the right time.

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