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Should the Bachelorette Party Be Planned out to the Smallest Detail?

Should the Bachelorette Party Be Planned out to the Smallest Detail?

The first thing to say is that the answer to whether a bachelorette party must be planned to the tiniest of detail is a deafening NO!

There are key things that need to be managed, but the secret to a successful event like this is to give people the freedom for self-expression and to let the mood take everyone where they will have the most fun.

So what is important?

  • Who hosts. Just about anybody can host the bachelorette party. Frequently, it’s the maid of honor and the bridesmaids who do the honors, but any other friend or relative, or even a co-worker who feels the urge can plan the event.
  • The guest list. The chances are that the majority of the bachelorette party goers will also be wedding guests, but there’s no rule. It’s OK for co-workers or neighbors to be invited.
  • The date. The night before the wedding is not a good idea. Nobody, least of all the bride-to-be wants a hangover on the big day! There will be enough nerves in operation, so she doesn’t want to be worrying about getting sick, let alone looking exhausted. Even if the wedding is taking place locally, planning the bachelorette party two or three nights before the wedding day is a much safer bet.
  • Plan ahead but be Flexible. The entire bash can be planned by one person, or many can collaborate. Make sure the budget is planned with some flexibility, for any unexpected costs. And don’t forget the bride-to-be shouldn't be expected to contribute a dime.
  • Spread the word. This can be done the easiest and cheapest way possible, depending on the type of party being planned. When reservations for a show or other activity need to be made, get the guests to officially RSVP as much as possible.  
  • When it comes to the party. This needs to be a laid-back, less structured affair than a traditional bridal shower. There is no such thing as a bash that is typical, though what usually happens is friends drag the bride-to-be from bar to bar and make her blush in public. Other things can happen, but the aim is to provide opportunities for friends to laugh, act goofy, reminisce and maybe embarrass the bride!
  • Gifts. The bachelorette party is not officially a gift party in the way a bridal shower may be, so presents aren't necessary. Having said that, bachelorette parties offer a great opportunity for people to give the bride silly and/or sexy gifts, so everyone can be asked to bring a gag as a gift, or the nostalgic route can be taken. Whatever is decided upon, and it does not have to be planned to the smallest detail, the goal is for the bride and all her guests to have the best blast, before the knot is tied.