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Should the Maid of Honor Wear the Same Dress as the Bridesmaids?

Should the Maid of Honor Wear the Same Dress as the Bridesmaids?

Dressing the maid of honor differently from the other bridesmaids may be quick and easy as a way of setting her apart, but it may not fit with the wedding-day style.

There are a number of options for dressing the maid of honor. They range from a subtle approach to something that is completely eye-catching.

When the bride wants all of the bridesmaids to match, but still would like to distinguish the maid of honor, the change should be as simple as possible. When the bride picks the bridesmaids’ dresses, she should opt for a line offering a range of necklines or strap options in the same fabrics and colors.

Another great way to make the maid of honor stand out is by adding some accessories. Dress all the bridesmaids in the same gown, but give maid of honor a jeweled belt or a striking hair accessory to set her apart.

If the bride wants everyone to stay the same but wants it to be clear who the maid of honor is when walking down the aisle, then she should ask the florist to make the maid of honor’s bouquet different. It could be larger and include additional flowers that match what’s in the bride’s bouquet, or an extra color could be added to set it apart.

A marvelous option would be for the bride to choose to have bridesmaids that are mismatched. When everybody is in the gown of their choosing, then a different blooms cluster will show whose been selected for the special maid of honor role.

To make the bride’s maid of honor look even more exciting, it’s a good idea to opt for a gown that is lighter or darker than the rest of the bridesmaids. Think of a bridal party in say French blue with the bride’s maid of honor in a softer sky hue, or the bridesmaids in lavender and the maid of honor in much deeper eggplant color. The colors the bride chooses should fit seamlessly into her palette while making it clear that the maid of honor is the bride’s right-hand woman.

On those occasions when the bride really can’t resist for her maid of honor to really look the part, then dress the maid of honor in a standout printed dress while everyone else is wearing dresses with a solid design.

Think how striking it would be if the maid of honor wore a floral-printed gown while the bridesmaids all dressed in single-tone dresses, in one of the colors pulled from the floral dresses pattern. Alternatively, the bride could go even more modern with stripes or another geometric style.