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Should You Have a Children Free Wedding?

Should You Have a Children Free Wedding?

Whether or not to invite the young ones to your wedding can be a very contentious issue. Some individuals normally press for incorporation of the kids of close family members and colleagues in your wedding and while others would be glad to avoid all the chaos that comes with having kids present at a wedding. If you are not sure whether to invite or do away with them, look at some of the merits and demerits of having kids at your wedding to help you make your decision. One of the merits is that children can surely add a fascinating aspect to your wedding especially if given specific obligations such as flower girls and pageboys.

Having the young ones in your special day can create extraordinary moments for your wedding while at the same time ensuring that the children themselves are not bored. Also, children attending a wedding help in making it a family affair. Generally, weddings are all about coming together as two individuals and their families and having a good time, and it would, therefore, be good for you to mix your wedding ceremony with principles of unity and love that will set a good example for the children to follow and to uphold.

Including kids in your wedding goes on to show that they too are treasured members of the family. Another merit of having kids at your wedding is that it saves their parents from a lot of inconveniences. This is because if they were to come to your wedding without their children, they would have to arrange for childcare services which are hard to find. This becomes even harder if the locale of the wedding is far from the family's home and therefore, having the parents come with their children to your wedding saves them a lot of stress.

One of the demerits of having kids in your wedding is that they make their parents to be distracted. Children's wishes and wants usually require being addressed promptly as there is the limited scope of diplomacy. Failure to that the children can wreak havoc, disrupting your wedding service. So their parents have to be alert to their needs at all times. Another demerit is that they make the wedding costs to go up. They take a lot of space in the venue and will require a special menu making the cost of holding the wedding to go up significantly.

Having children at your wedding also requires extra planning which is stressful and takes a lot of time. All said and done, the decision of whether to have a children free wedding is yours to make. Consider the above factors and other things such as your budget before making your final decision. If you find their demerits to be too much for you, then it is best if you ensure that they are not present on your special day. All you need is to find a way of expressing your position politely to your guests who have small children.