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Should You Hire a Babysitter at Your Wedding?

Should You Hire a Babysitter at Your Wedding?

A wedding babysitter is also called an on-site babysitter. Having wedding babysitters is a new trend that has slowly been catching on in modern weddings. Some babysitting companies even have wedding packages organized and also carry any liability for anything that may happen to the children and offer liability insurance to the parents. The coverage may sound very serious; however, these companies are a remarkable idea to consider since they are careful to hire well-trained babysitters.

It is normal for newlyweds to have a child-friendly wedding and want an adult reception or even have an adult wedding ceremony all the way to the dinner. For such celebrations, it is necessary to hire a babysitter who will oversee and take care of the children in a different room altogether. Generally, it is considered thoughtful to have the guests’ children taken care of to allow the parents a good time and also reduces the cost of separately hiring a babysitter at home. It may be an absolute necessity if you have an adult wedding theme in a destination wedding.

Another fact to consider is the number of children coming to the wedding. If the total number exceeds seven, then there may be a need for a babysitter. Similarly, the need may arise to get more than one babysitters in the case that you have a more significant number. This number may, however, be insignificant at a wedding with four hundred guests attending. The bride and groom have to determine the significance for a babysitter depending on the knowledge of their guests and the requests for one.

The age group and the age gap between the children are also important factors to note. For guests with children above seven years, may be agreeable to making their arrangements for their babysitter. However, children below twelve months old have to be close to their parents in a long event or reception. Therefore, it is essential to be in touch with the parents to make arrangements to give the parents a beautiful day or evening to get their groove on. 

The bride and groom should not have anything to worry about regarding the children since most babysitters especially the company assigned ones are trained to handle many children of a wide age range gathered in the same place. All you have to do is provide many items and toys to keep their attention such as bubbles, crayons and, temporary tattoos.

In conclusion, in a destination wedding, the hotel may have a list of pre-approved babysitters for you and your guests. The parents will mostly be comfortable with the idea of a babysitter; therefore, you should talk to them beforehand to ensure they consent. You will need a children' play area to play, do art and crafts or watch a movie; therefore, you should make the necessary plans to secure the room or playpen. You should consider picking a babysitter that the hotel can vouch for or one that you know so that you and your guests can relax and enjoy without constant worries.