The Ring

The 2008's Most Iconic Wedding

The 2008's Most Iconic Wedding


Beyoncé and Jay-Z who are now proud parents of two tied the knot in a super secretive and initiate wedding ceremony. The details of the wedding were very scarcely shared. The ceremony and the party took place at Jay-z's 13,500 sq-ft penthouses in New York City's Tribeca neighborhood. The couple decided to keep the occasion small as only 40 guests were invited including close family and friends, "now this is the real V.I.P."  Among them were Beyoncé’s father Matthew Knowles, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. There was no space for party crashers.

It was a very dear moment as one of the guests told the people magazine "It was a very beautiful wedding, lots of crying, and also very spiritual."

Wedding Dress

Beyoncé’s wedding gown was a simple, classic and elaborate ruffled strapless gown. It was designed by her mother. It was really a surprise when it was known to the world that Beyoncé was not delighted by the gown, as her mother put it. It just wasn't "Beyoncé enough." for the rest of us; perhaps it could just have been the perfect dress for the perfect day.

Groom’s Suit

Jay-z, on the other hand, kept it simple by just wearing a black suit and of course a bow-tie

The Ring

"If you like it then you should put on a ring on it," very well said. Jay-Z liked it as he put the ring on it. I'm not talking about just a ring. As much as the ceremony was kept a secret, there was no way of hiding Beyoncé’s 18- carat flawless diamond by Lorraine Schwartz. The ring was estimated to have a value of $5 million. She also got her iconic wedding ring tattoo redone to commemorate their special day.

The Décor

The occasion must have been a heavenly sight as they pulled off a grand 70,000 white dendrobium orchids which are Beyoncé’s favorite flowers. Not only that, but the flowers were flown in from Thailand. The house also had a frozen garden kind of theme as it was all crystallized trees and soft pink shades.

Other Interesting Facts About the Wedding Ceremony

Phones were not allowed during the whole ceremony. Even before a notice was issued that prohibited use of social media, the couple had long told their friends and families to leave their blackberries at home. That goes without saying that all this was due to the highly secretive nature of their wedding.

Even though both Beyoncé and Jay-z are huge musicians, they did not perform at their ceremony. They instead jammed to Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson's songs.

They partied all night. Yes, they did, just like she once sang "We be all night." the newlyweds reception lasted all through the night until 5 am the following day. Now that's a way to end the night.