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The Difference Between an Independent Wedding Planner and an On-Site Venue Coordinator?

The Difference Between an Independent Wedding Planner and an On-Site Venue Coordinator?

An independent wedding planner usually has only one focus which is; you. The main obligation of any wedding planner is to ensure that everything goes as planned and also to ensure that everything runs even more beautifully than you could have anticipated. Wedding planners are responsible for planning your whole wedding for you, step by step while incorporating all your favorite details that you might want to be included in your wedding. It is the responsibility of a wedding planner to ensure that your dream bridal ceremony comes to life.

Planners also offer good advice on decoration concepts and help to bring them together as an adhesive theme. Due to their vast background in the wedding planning business, bridal ceremony planners can help you choose appropriate venues and which are being offered at the right prices. They can also help you to choose and get better pricing for the vendors that you would have managed if you were planning the wedding yourself. A wedding planner will also help you to strategize and come up with the general style of your wedding.

An on-sight venue coordinator, on the other hand, is the individual who is responsible for showing you around your venue of choice. They usually act as delegates, consuls or even salespersons for the wedding venue since they are the persons who you contact in case of any worry or questions regarding the venue of choice. A venue coordinator, therefore, inspects all activities that take place in the wedding venue and also plans for them. Some of the key obligations of a venue coordinator are such as making payment schedules, coordinating sessions with vendors, and making floor plans.

The major difference between a wedding planner and an on-sight venue coordinator is that a wedding planner is involved with everything from the beginning to the end while a venue coordinator is involved in the later stages of wedding planning process. On the wedding day, an on-sight venue coordinator ensures that the floor plan in place is adhered to and also ensures that the guests and vendors pay attention to all the rules set out. A venue coordinator also ensures that the vendors have an agenda that will guide them on the wedding day. They usually have other people assisting them in their work and in the reception; they do not leave until the meal is served.

Compared to wedding planners, venue coordinators are much affordable as their role and responsibilities are usually less compared to those of wedding planners. While a wedding planner is involved in all the planning outside and inside the wedding venue, an on-sight venue coordinator is only posted in the venue and cannot be involved with activities that are outside the venue. If you choose to use a venue coordinator, make sure you already know the theme of your wedding and have vendors in mind since the work of the coordinator will be to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the wedding venue.