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Tips for Finding the Best Seamstress

Tips for Finding the Best Seamstress

Bridal attire invariably requires alterations. And if you are having a custom-made dress, you are bound to need at least two fittings. With a mass-produced wedding dress, three fittings are common.

Here are some tips to bear in mind when choosing the seamstress who will alter your wedding dress.

When you require dress alterations to be completed, there are a variety of different factors to take into consideration.

You will need time, and the seamstress will need to be able to fit with your schedule. Brides should be starting their wedding dress shopping as soon as possible and at least 10 months before the big day.

This will ensure that there is a lot of time for the seamstress to get the dress in and make any alterations needed. Brides should make sure that they are able to keep all the appointments the seamstress sets because missing any of these appointments can greatly hold up the process.

You will need a seamstress that can work with your budget, especially if it’s a tight one. Always remember to include the cost of alterations in your budget. The amount you are likely to be charged frequently depends on how complicated the alterations are and how many times you will be returning for fittings. Some seamstresses charge flat fees, while others charge separate fees for each thing they do.

When you are getting your dress altered, make sure you wear the shoes you will wear on the big day. Also, if you will be wearing specially selected undergarments, make sure you wear those too. This will allow the seamstress to know exactly the length of dress you will need and how much she will need to take in the seams.

By buying a larger dress, you will be making life a lot easier for the seamstress, because it’s always going to be much easier to take in a dress than to let it out. Buy a larger size of dress if you have any doubts.

Also, the seamstress will find it much easier to shorten the dress than to work out how to add any length. Some seamstresses are able to adjust cup sizes, while others are not, so if you think you will need this type of alteration done to your particular dress, make sure you check if he or she is able to accommodate you.