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Tips on Establishing Your Overall Wedding Budget

Tips on Establishing Your Overall Wedding Budget

You need to have a budget to work on while planning for your wedding. The budget may vary according to what you have as well as what you want to have while tying the knot. You should consider what you want to save or what you want to spend during your most crucial day, wedding day. Nevertheless, don’t worry more as I will provide you with some relevant tips on establishing your overall wedding budget.

Try to Figure out the Main Contributors to Your Wedding Budget

In calculating your wedding budget, it is essential to know the source of funding for your wedding. Maybe it’s only your fiancé and yourself who are contributing to your wedding, or perhaps some of your family members, as well as friends, will chip-in on providing some material thing on your wedding day. Some guests may be willing to give you some material things like gowns, and they need to be considered while calculating your wedding budget. Therefore, always make sure that you know your wedding contributors early enough to make a realistic and perfect budget for your day.

Crunch the Numbers

After getting the idea of who are real contributors to your wedding, you need to focus on what you are going to contribute. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much can the couple comfortably and realistically afford to spend? In this case, put into consideration the real-life expenses that need to be covered.
  • How much can you reasonably save to spend for your wedding?
  • How much can both of you comfortably pull from your bank account?

Having asked yourself the above questions, you will be in a position to establish your wedding budget.

Have a Guest Count Estimation

Guest count is very vital in establishing your wedding budget. The overall wedding budget is mostly based on the guest count. The guests who are going to attend your wedding will help you in determining the venue size as well as the eatables required. You need to look at your wedding expenditure in an individualized manner, that is, ‘per-person’. Your wedding guest count will give you a clear picture of the needed items to pay for. These include items like tables, invitations, rental chairs, wedding favors, and cake slices among others. With a well-organized guest count, you will have an easy time in establishing your overall wedding budget.

Choose What Is Non-Negotiable in Your Wedding

There are things that are not negotiable in your wedding. You and your fiancé may have some different opinions on what to budget on during your wedding, but some of the things are very common and must be availed during your wedding. Things like gown need to be there without many bargains unless the cost may differ. So, you need to come into a common ground and prioritize on what to budget for to have a conclusive budget for your wedding.