The Ring


How to Claim Your Business

1. Find your business and click on Claim this listing.

2. To create your account:

a. Enter a name
b. Enter your e-mail
c. Enter a password (Make sure to input a password you will remember, as you will need it to edit your venue in the future.)
d. Click on the square next to “I’m not a robot”
e. Click on Create Account

3. Confirm your claim by clicking on the Claim button.

4. You can click on Vendor Area or go to in order to see your venue.

*If you are returning later, you might have to log in, use the e-mail and password you used in step 2 when creating your account*

5. Once your venue is approved, you will see a green icon with a checkmark. You will then be ready to edit your listing.

*Please note that if you are claiming multiple businesses at different times, click on “Already have an account? Login!” and enter your credentials in order to manage all your venues from the same account.*


Here is a quick video showing the claiming process.



How to Edit a Venue

Go to your Vendor Area at:

Log in with your e-mail and password you used when claiming your listing.


1. Once in the Vendor Area, you can do the following:

a. See your listing on the website by clicking on the square icon with an arrow next to the name of your business. *This preview is exactly what will be seen by users looking at your venue.*

b. See the status of your claim (approved or not).

c. Edit your listing by click the last icon on the right (square with a pen). This can only be done once your claim has been approved.

2. Once you have clicked on the Edit icon, you will first need to fill out:

a. Your e-mail (This will not be seen by the visitors on our website, but will be the e-mail which will receive the contact forms filled out by the visitors.) *This is mandatory.

b. Your phone number *This is mandatory.

c. Your website


3. You then will choose pictures to add on our website.

a. Click on choose image.


b. Navigate to your picture, click on it and click Open.


c. To add more, click on + More Images and repeat Step a and b

d. The first image in the list is the main image for your business. In order to change it, you can change the order of your picture using the 4-arrow icon.


4. Insert a description for your business.


5. Input all your social media links.

6. Choose the amount of event areas you have within the venue (how many different rooms/spaces you have available).

7. Select your price range by checking all ranges that apply. You then have to put the minimum and maximum of guests your venue can accommodate.


8. You then have to input the type of venue you have. *Please check ALL that apply to you, as this will ensure your venue shows up on all the different pages we have on our website.*


9. You can then select the types of services you offer. *Please check ALL that apply.*

10. You can also put a link for a video of your venue if you have one. (For example, you can put a YouTube link, Vimeo link, etc.)


11. Click Save. *Please note that you will have an error message if the phone number and e-mail fields are not filled.*

12. You can then view your venue page by clicking the square and arrow icon next to your venue’s name.


Here is a quick video showing you the editing process for a venue.


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