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Victoria Adams and David Beckham Wedding

Victoria Adams and David Beckham Wedding


Victoria Adams and David Beckham are perhaps one of the most reputable power couples in the world. The couple got married in the summer of July 4th, 1999 at a lavish ceremony at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland. The wedding was officiated by the Bishop of Cork, the Right Reverend Paul Colton. The wedding reportedly cost a whopping $800,000. [The fact that it was 1999, this must be considered]. The other thing that made the wedding modest was the couple itself. In the wedding, they sat on golden thrones at the altar. Their cake was also unique and classic as it was topped with a nude figure of the couple. ‘[Now that is posh!]. Beckham's Teammate Gary Neville became his best man as he had already shared with him the interest to marry the pop star, while Victoria was escorted by his proud but tearful dad, Tony.

Wedding Dress

 One of the most attractive things in the wedding was Victoria's wedding dress. From under an A-line skirt, Victoria wore a petticoat that was made of 50 meters of tulle stuffed with horsehair. It contained Clerici Duchess Satin which is the finest satin in the world from Italy. It also had a strapless bodice that was fitted with a zip at the back.  Underneath the dress also, Victoria wore a tightly fitted corset designed by Mr Pearl and English corsetiere. Everything about the dress was designed by celebrity stylists like Vera Wang who has designed dresses for Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone, and Mariah Carey, and that is why the outcome of Victoria's wedding was stunning. Victoria even went as far as having an Italian mill to dye the dress so that she was certain it was to her specification. [These are things that only Victoria can do!].

Color Palette

The staircase of the castle was covered with a rich purple carpet which complemented the color scheme of the couple. Inside the castle, their surroundings were filled with elegance, representing the feeling of the wedding. The couple and guests were greeted with a 15 feet tall column bursting which had a floral arrangement of purple and red Rose flowers with a plethora of greenery. There was a rich people flag which was decorated with David and Victoria's specially designed crest, and it featured an invitation to the wedding. The flower arrangement was spectacular and had three colors; green, purple and burgundy, creating a nice regal effect. There were also moss colored candles and chandeliers dressed with apples, greenery and tiny twinkling lights on the tables.

Unique Detail

The couple had all is immediate family staying at the castle for the few days which helped them to be able to witness the whole transformation of the castle. The organizers went through a painstaking process of sewing fresh apples into an ivy arrangement along the master's staircase. There was a leafy walkway that was designed from the French windows of the library which well-manicured lawns at the castle where the reception and the dancing took place. Guests were limited to best 226 including the bridesmaids and the couple family.  It is said the wedding took a year to prepare and Sandra Beckham, David's Mother, dressed in a white suit by Frank Usher was finally content that all things they talked about for months were done.