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Walking Down the Aisle FAQ

Walking Down the Aisle FAQ

What Order Do People Walk down the Aisle During the Wedding Ceremony?

The wedding processional order varies a lot based on the cultures of the newlyweds. Mostly, the officiant, the groom, and the best man walk in first through the side doors and stand at the altar. The mother of the bride walks down the aisle first followed by the groomsmen then the bridesmaids or paired up. The maid of honor assists the bride with her dress before she walks down the aisle. The ring bearers and the flower girls walk in next just before the bride. The bride walks down last with her escort, mostly her father, with the page boys behind the bride to assist with the train.

How Does the Bride Walk down the Aisle?

A bride should ooze grace as she walks down the aisle since all the eyes are on her. A bride should hold her bouquet low and bend her arms at an acute angle to show her beautiful waist and expose her beautiful gown. She should stroll depending on the song she has chosen. The slow pace should allow her to look around to see the guests that arrived to give her love and support. If the bride is ordinarily nervous, then she should look at the top of the guests’ heads. The bride should not slump at any point while walking and should be mindful of the gown to avoid tripping.

How Does The Groom Walk Down The Aisle?

During a wedding ceremony, everybody’s eyes are usually on the bride walking down the aisle as she is usually a beauty to behold. Before the bride walks down the aisle, other less gracious but important individuals, the groom and the bride’s mother prep the runway for her. During the procession, it is the bride’s mother who goes in first before being followed by the groom. The groom does not walk the aisle until the mother of the bride takes her seat on the left side of the aisle first row. After she is seated, the groom then walks down the aisle and take his place at the head of the altar and waits for his beautiful bride to arrive.