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Wedding Ceremony FAQ

Wedding Ceremony FAQ

When Should the Wedding Ceremony Take Place During the Day?

When planning for your wedding, one of the most important things that you will have to come up with is the wedding timeline which can be very intimidating to write especially if you are a first-timer. Wedding timelines are very important as they help to guide the whole ceremony. So, when exactly should the wedding ceremony take place during the day? This question has no single answer as there are several factors which influence when your wedding ceremony starts. The type of the bridal ceremony you will have, and the customs involved influences the time when the ceremony will start.

Can You Have an Evening Wedding Ceremony?

A couple may be comfortable with a short wedding or a reception that runs throughout the night. Therefore, an evening wedding may be ideal for such couples. The advantages of an evening wedding would be amazing photographs by the sunset, romantic feel to the wedding, the formality that accompanies an evening wedding allows for a black or white-tie event. Evening weddings are also cost-friendly since the nuptial ceremony is shorter hence a shorter hosting time. For legal purposes though, it is easier to organize an evening wedding with the church than it is with the government registry.

Should You Write Your Own Vows?

Vows mean a lot in any wedding ceremony as they are usually intimate promises that you make before God and to your partner who you will spend the rest of your life with. When it comes to vows, there are no rules that say that it’s wrong for a couple to write their own vows. Most of the time it all depends on the type of bridal ceremony that you will have as some religions demand that the couple use the customary religious vows while some religions give the couple a chance to have their own vows. Whichever option you choose, you should always ensure that you use vows which meaningful to you as a couple.