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Wedding Cost Saving Tips

Wedding Cost Saving Tips

Weddings that most women dream of are usually over the top. A bridal ceremony with a decent photo booth, full of beautiful flowers, with a big cake and a dazzling gown crown it all. You can easily achieve all the above if you have deep pockets, but if you are looking to hold a wedding on a tight budget, you will need to know of ways of making your costs come down. One of the ways of ensuring your wedding expenses are kept to their minimal is by renting or buying a used wedding gown.

This is because new wedding gowns are usually very costly and renting your wedding dress will save you a lot of cash which you can use for other purposes. Buying a used gown is also a good idea since it is less extravagant compared to new dresses. Used gowns are mostly worn once after which they are stored, so the possibility of purchasing a used gown that is in a very good condition is high. You can cut down your wedding costs by reducing the number of guests attending your wedding celebration.

More guests mean more food and more expenses. Having a wedding with few guests also ensures that you do not spend a lot of cash on centerpieces and invitations. You can save money by having your reception and wedding ceremony in the same venue which will cut travel expenses and save you money which the vendors would have used. The season that you choose to have your wedding is also very important when considering the costs. If your wedding is held in a season where there are too many weddings, you will most likely pay more due to demand for the venues.

Having your wedding off-season will save you money as you will get high discounts since there is no demand.  January and February are some of the best months to get married especially during weekdays as most of the wedding venues are usually free. Flowers can be very expensive, so when you are working with a tight budget, you can consider choosing flowers that are in season as they will be cheaper as they will be more readily available.  You can also avoid expensive flowers such as peonies and settle for roses which are also elegant.

Cut your wedding costs by limiting the amount of time your photographer spends in your wedding. And if you have a close friend or family member who does photography, you can request him/her to be your photographer for your wedding. Another way you can ensure that your wedding costs are low is by choosing a catering plan that is cost-effective. Instead of having a buffet, you can opt to have food trucks which are much cheaper and enjoyable, making your wedding celebration a unique and memorable event. Saving money on your wedding is one of the best decisions a couple can come up with since it gives them more money to put toward other financial goals in their checklist after their wedding.