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Wedding Reception FAQ

Wedding Reception FAQ

Who Gives Speeches During the Wedding Reception?

The wedding speeches time in a wedding reception is a valuable time for both the guests and the newlyweds. The host, who is in most cases the father of the bride, gives the first speech to welcome everyone to the party. It is not uncommon for the groom to respond to the father’s toast since a large part is to wish them luck in their matrimony. Next, the newlyweds have to give a speech to thank the guests for attending the wedding and for the wedding gifts and to toast each other. Finally, the best man and the maid of honor give a speech to toast to the bride and groom. The last address is provided by the closer who could be a member of the bridal party or the Master of Ceremony.

Should the Married Couple Give a Speech During Their Wedding Reception?

Traditionally, the bride’s parents had to give a speech to thank the guests for attending the wedding since they were the ones paying for the ceremony. However, nowadays more couples are required to present their speeches since culture does not discriminate on who pays for the wedding. Some people prefer not to speak at their wedding, but this is an excellent time to address the guests who took time out of their schedules to celebrate your love. One or both the newlyweds may speak during the reception. During the speech, you should thank both parents for contributing, and the guests for participating and attending; taking time to recognize any noteworthy people in the crowd. Finish your speech by giving a toast to your new partner.

Should You Have an Open Bar?

Open bars have been widely adopted for wedding receptions to give the guests a good time. However, there may be constraints to setting one up. There a pros and cons list is in order when determining whether to have one. The advantages of an open bar include; content and happy guests, it is a form of appreciation to the guests who came to celebrate you, and it may be more hectic to organize for change and payment methods for a cash bar. The cons include; dealing with drunken fights, being in charge of the safety of guests when they get drunk and the expensive nature of setting up open bars. Expecting your guests to pay for their drinks can be considered rude, and it is deemed to be favorable to have an open bar.

Is It More Cost Effective to Fill the Bar Yourselves?

Wedding ceremonies are very expensive affairs, and if you are working with a tight budget, you should find ways of saving as much money as possible while still ensuring that your big day turns out to be amazing. The food and drinks for your guests usually cost a lot, and one way of bringing the costs down is by filling the bar yourselves. By doing this, you will reduce the expenses as you will not have to hire a professional to do that. Also, this will help you to be economical which will help you to save some money. For example, you can decide to only buy wine or beer at your wedding reception which will be better than having no alcohol at all.