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Wedding Reception Sitting Etiquette

Wedding Reception Sitting Etiquette

Once you have concluded your guest checklist and have sent the invitations, the next thing you should do is to start outlining how your guests will sit at your wedding reception table. So which steps do you follow to ensure that you know who sits where at your wedding reception? Before you start preparing who will seat at which table, you must first know the number of guests you will have in your wedding ceremony which is what will determine the number of tables that you will have and the number of seats that will be at each table.

After you have completed that part, you can now start designating guests to their respective tables. The best way of starting this delicate process is by determining who will be seating at the head table with you. The head table can be occupied by the wedding party or the families of the groom and that of the bride. You can allocate tables to parents from both sides and request both them to decide on who will be joining them at their respective tables. Allow them to pick who they will be dining with to ensure that they are comfortable with their company. Allowing parents from both sides to choose who will sit at their tables is also a great way of reducing the pressure associated with family politics on yourself since the parents are better acquainted with family politics than you are.

The next thing you can do is to come up with a spreadsheet. Insert a column into your guest list document classifying all the guests by affiliation. Note everyone from your colleagues, your family, your partner's family, your partners' colleagues and family friends. This helps you to sort out the list more easily and also enables you to be able to break it down into more sensible table combinations. After you are done with this step, break up these lists into recognizable tables. You can go ahead and draw circles depicting the tables on a piece of paper so that you can write names on it. When doing so, ensure that you only place people who are comfortable together to avoid unnecessary drama and tension at the reception.

Another option is to write the names on a sticky note placing them on the drawn tables. You can opt to head the head table or not. The head table is usually long and straight set up facing the reception tables. Normally newlyweds sit at the middle of the tale so that they can be seen by everybody while the best man seated next to the groom and the maid of honor seated next to the bride and the rest of the seats occupied by the wedding party. Make sure to allocate people to seats in a way that allows time for a reunion. For example, all your high school and college acquaintances will without a doubt be excited to sit at the same table so that they can catch up with each other.