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Wedding Reception FAQ – Part 2

Wedding Reception FAQ – Part 2

Where Do the Parents Sit During the Wedding Reception?

Traditionally, both the bride’s and grooms’ parents should sit at the same table or next to each other on a rectangular shaped table. The direct and traditional way to sit the parents is having the bride's mother sitting in the center facing out with the bride's father sits directly across her, and the groom's father sits on her right and the groom's mother to the right of the bride's father. If the two couples are not on good terms or they have never met, then you may choose to set different tables for each with their honored guests to avoid any awkwardness. It is wise to consult the parents on the seating arrangement to get their preference. If the parents are separated, you and your fiancé may consider sitting each parent at different tables.

How Long Should Your Wedding Reception Last?

The wedding reception length varies between weddings. Most wedding receptions last between four and five hours and consist of the first dance, the wedding speeches, dinner, cake cutting, and cocktails. However, depending on your priorities, then you could set your timeline to fit your wedding ceremony. The maximum time to keep your guests before giving the ‘leave at free will notice’ is six hours. Some guests may prefer to stay overnight depending on the location of the wedding reception. Offer the cocktails for a maximum of an hour followed by approximately 4 hours for the speeches, dinner, and dancing.

What Should You Wear for the Wedding Reception?

If you have been invited to a wedding reception, you may want to make an effort to look your best for the wedding reception. Some newlyweds may give the guests a dressing code making it easy to decide. However, if you do not get a dressing code, the first thing to decide is to tone it down so as not to outshine the new couple. Most wedding parties give a theme for the reception such as black-tie event, garden reception, beach reception or cocktail reception. It is wise to match the venue theme to avoid looking out of place.