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Wedding Ring Etiquette for a Widow

Wedding Ring Etiquette for a Widow

After you have been married for several years, you get so attached to your wedding band, and they turn into an integral part of you. But what takes effect when death occurs? What transpires when you are left all alone with nothing, but a heart filled to the brim with affectionate memories and a lonesome wedding ring on your finger? Most people usually find it to be intensely strenuous to part with the remainder of that individual they loved but is not there with them anymore. In a situation like this, a widow can have several options to choose from.

One of the options is to continue wearing the ring. This is the choice that is taken by many widowers as it enables them to feel as if they still have a connection with their departed spouse. Some widowers even shift the wedding band to the right-hand ring finger so that they can still be wearing the reminder of their departed husband without symbolizing a continuing marriage. Other widows choose to get remarried. In such kind of a situation, the widow will have to let go of the wedding ring since it can be remarkably improper to keep wearing the ring when still married to another man.

Holding on to such an emotion-filled band can cause a lot of unneeded strain between you and your new husband and therefore not wearing it is the best alternative. Another option that widows have is passing their wedding ring on. This is for those widows who have already stopped wearing their wedding bands. Instead of keeping it in a box forever, you can pass your ring on to your offspring or even grandchildren when they wed. You even go a step further and have it rebuilt so that they can use it as their inheritance.

As an heirloom, your wedding band will be a sign of your own ecstatic relationship and will also moor many happy future generation relationships. You can also decide to have your ring rebuilt into a distinct piece of jewelry that you can continue wearing such as a pendant. This option is meant for those people who have stopped wearing the wedding band completely. You can consult a jeweler seasoned in rebuilding jewelry about how you can best convert your wedding band into an exquisite heirloom that will serve as a reminder of your marriage while enabling you to move on with your life.

Wearing the ring even after the death of a spouse usually has several gains, one of the merits is that it enables the widow to maintain a sense of closeness with her deceased husband. The wedding band also helps to put to an end all undesired advances in instances where the widow is not yet ready to be approached romantically. The other benefit is that it provides a sense of usualness, but you should ensure that you remove it if its presence causes enormous emotional pain.