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Wedding Traditions FAQ – Part 2

Wedding Traditions FAQ – Part 2

Why Does the Bride Wear Something New on Her Wedding Day?

Something new is based on a rhyme that says,” Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe. Something new is a token that a bride uses to complete her outfit that symbolizes the optimism for the future with the groom. Traditionally, something new was the gown she wore, but there have emerged better and cheaper ways to wear ‘something new’ such as earrings, handkerchiefs, shoes or haircuts. The aristocracy still follows the tradition. For example, Kate Middleton wore a pair of diamond earrings made by jeweler Robinson Pelham from her parents when marrying Prince William.

Why Does the Bride Wear a Veil During the Ceremony?

Traditionally, the reason brides wore veils is unappealing. Brides wore a veil to disguise the bride from evil spirits. Another objective was to hide her face from her husband who was not supposed to see his new wife until the marriage was consummated. Afterward, the groom would remove the veil to symbolize that ownership has changed hands; from her father to her husband. Veils were also worn to stop the bride from running before the wedding. Nowadays, a veil is a fashion statement since they are lacy and beautiful, and virginity has become a non-issue to some people in the society.

Why Is It a Bad Idea for the Groom to See the Bride Before the Wedding?

A common superstition carried on to this day is that the groom should not see his bride a day to the wedding. Most newlyweds still carry on the notion, so they may not meet to make their wedding day special since it builds anticipation for the groom. Other couples prefer to meet and talk on the morning of the wedding. Meeting before the nuptial ceremony is all up to the couple and does not brew up any lousy luck as previously thought to. For brides who have last minute arrangements with their grooms may prefer to meet before the wedding.

Why Does the Wife Carry a Bouquet?

A bouquet complements the gown. Traditionally, brides carried flowers to signify a new beginning in her life and as a sign of productiveness. Queen Victoria popularized the modern wedding bouquet when marrying Prince Albert. Brides choose their favorite flowers to feel more beautiful in their gowns and to express her taste and personality. Bouquets are also an expression of love for your groom and an excellent way to distinguish the bride if she is not wearing a gown. Some brides prefer to carry a single flower as opposed to the entire bouquet, a candle, a lantern or a clutch.